Compact Lubrication Flow Divider Valves – EZ Greaser from Graco

EZ Greaser Compact Lubrication Flow Divider Valve

Graco, a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, recently announced the launch of their refreshed line of EZ Greaser™ compact lubrication flow divider valves. The EZ Greaser assemblies are ideal for adding centralized lubrication to trucks, tractors and trailers. With EZ Greaser, users can ensure no grease points are overlooked while they safely and easily grease many points from one fitting. This also shortens the amount of time required for greasing. The EZ Greaser assemblies are compact and cost-effective, suitable for tight spaces where weight matters.

Based on Graco’s CSP technology, there are 17 assembly variations available, which are compatible with most on-road truck and tractor configurations. All assemblies are 30% lighter than the previous generation. The assembly is easy to upgrade to a fully-automatic lubrication system by adding a pump like Graco’s G-Mini™ or air-powered E-series.


Customizable Configurations

  • Options include divider valves with pre-assembled tubes and fittings to lube points

CSP Divider Valve

  • Meters the amount of grease going to lube points

Standard Adapter

  • Zerk fitting accepts standard grease gun

Positive Lube Cycle Indication

  • Quickly ensure the proper amount of lubricant is used by checking the Cycle Indicator Pin

Color-Coded Tubing

  • For simple installation and maintenance

NLGI #2 Grease Compatible

  • Automatic lubrication system can be used with oil or grease up to NGLI #2

Extend Vehicle Life

Manual greasing is made easy with a customizable, metered distribution system from Graco. The durable and reliable EZ Greaser™ automatic lubrication system is ideally suited for customized tractor and trailer lubrication.

Truck and Tractor Lubrication Systems

  • Reduced lubrication access points result in faster, more cost-effective maintenance
  • Durable design can withstand harsh elements and a lot of punishment
  • Add a Graco automatic lubrication pump to increase value of system

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