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Do you like to keep essential resources right at your fingertips? Do you have a sense of nostalgia? The Motioneers have the perfect giveaway for you...

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Who are the Motioneers?

The Motioneers are a newly formed department at Morrell Group dedicated to the development of advanced motion control systems for industrial and mobile applications. We bring our most challenging motion control applications to the team so they can collaborate and engineer an optimized solution. Motioneers utilize the latest technology for configurations and calculations during the concept and engineering phase. They also have access to our extensive product offering from our innovative vendor partners. To learn more about the unveiling of the Motioneer Department, read our press release here.

Retro Motioneer

While they live in a future-oriented world, they also have a unique appreciation for the past. They understand previous engineering innovations and technological developments have brought them to a point of creating some of our greatest motion control solutions. They even have an appreciation for the quirky resources of previous engineering generations, such as the handy pocket-protector.

As a fun throwback, we have promotional pocket-protectors available for free. All you have to do is complete the form below.

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