In today's fast-paced world of industrial and factory automation, manufacturing processes must be highly efficient and productive to maintain consistent throughput and keep up with demand. Flexible and rapidly implemented automation is the key to unlocking processes that can reduce downtime and cut operational costs while increasing accuracy. With GeekPlus, this automation is easily accessible and quickly integrated into many manufacturing processes and warehouse environments. GeekPlus autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) efficiently transport inbound and outbound goods to boost warehouse productivity and reduce costs. With quick implementation and high ROI, these AMRs are designed for moving, sorting, and shelf-to-person, tote-to-person, and pallet-to-person processes.

line up of Geek+ autonomous mobile robots

Experienced Guidance

With over 45 years of industrial automation experience, Morrell Industrial is your expert partner for system and subsystem development, from initial concept and product to development and support. We work with you to learn about your specific applications and their requirements to develop the best-fit autonomous mobile robot solutions. Our Motioneer team provides custom concept engineering designs unique to your applications and systems, allowing you to build, create, and have the ideal solution for your manufacturing processes. Partnered with GeekPlus, an RBR50 Innovation Award winner and global leader in AMRs with industry expertise in manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, and retail, we are perfectly positioned with the knowledge, support, and resources needed to provide leading technology and solutions for industrial automation and autonomous mobile robots.

Geek+ MP1000R with Kassow Robot's Edge Edition cobot mounted on top

Shelf-to-Person AMRs

Shelf-to-person mobile robots move inventory shelves and pallets to picking stations, eliminating the constant walking of picking workers. By automating this movement, picking accuracy is improved, and labor intensity is significantly decreased. Compared to manual picking, shelf-to-person AMRs improve efficiency by two to three times.


Warehouse environment with shelves stacked high with blue totes

GeekPlus's PopPick series is a shelf-to-person mobile robot solution that carries moveable shelves to workstations. Its abilities include picking, putting away, replenishing, return handling, checking, and dynamic slotting. With multi-size compatibility, PopPick autonomous mobile robots can pick small, medium, and large loads such as pieces, whole totes, and pallets. Additionally, these AMRs function with pallet racks, laminate shelves, carton shelves, hollow sheet shelves, and the specialized PopPick tote and mixed shelves.

Shelf-to-Person Robots at a Glance:

  • ROI in less than three years
  • 3x more efficient than manual labor
  • Lower labor intensity
  • High accuracy and flexibility
  • Customizable solutions
  • High fault tolerance
  • Patented safety features to ensure
    safe human-robot collaboration


  • Maximum lifting load: 1000 kg
  • Maximum speed: no load 2 m/s,
    full load 1.6 m/s
  • Maximum tote size: 1220x1020 mm
  • Maximum lifting height: 60 mm
  • Dimensions: 1090x830x275 mm
  • Weight: 195 kg
  • Minimum lifting time: 4 seconds


  • Maximum lifting load: 1200 kg
  • Maximum speed: no load 1.5 m/s,
    full load 1.2 m/s
  • Maximum tote size: 1345x1260x3830 mm
  • Maximum lifting height: 60 mm
  • Dimensions: 1325x1020x275 mm
  • Weight: 320 kg
  • Minimum lifting time: 4 seconds

Tote-to-Person AMRs

GeekPlus's tote-to-person autonomous mobile robot solutions combine double-deep vertical warehouse storage with high picking throughput, boasting highly efficient picking of up to 350 totes per hour per station. With fast implementation, these AMRs can easily be added or removed from various automation equipment, such as conveyor lines or other robots. The tote-to-person mobile robots' high flexibility makes integration and customized project deployment convenient while quickly adapting to customers' existing shelves and lofts. These AMRs are easy to maintain and don't require high-precision rails.


The RoboShuttle tote-to-person AMR solution features two robots: one that moves high to store totes and one that quickly delivers totes to picking stations. These two robots achieve the optimal ratio of picking and storing through algorithm optimization. As a replacement for conveyor lines, these autonomous mobile robots help to reduce investment in rigid equipment. With support for various types of totes and cartons, the RoboShuttle not only aids in the reuse of original packaging but also increases storage capacity by five times, with double-deep storage up to 12 meters high.

low angle of the RoboShuttle with shelves and stacked blue totes on either side

P40 AMR for tote-to-person processes


  • Maximum lifting load: 40 kg
  • Maximum speed: 2.5 m/s
  • Maximum tote size: 600x400 mm
  • Maximum lifting height: 760 mm
  • Dimensions: 640x450x406 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Minimum lifting time: 8 seconds up, 4.5 seconds down

Pallet-to-Person AMRs

Pallet-to-person autonomous mobile robot solutions by Geek+ seamlessly integrate storage and picking operations to deliver high-density, high-throughput capabilities. These AMRs help streamline processes and increase efficiency, accuracy, and space utilization by eliminating the need for decanting, a process that can be time-consuming and error-prone. With the flexibility of GeekPlus's autonomous mobile robots, pallet-to-person solutions seamlessly integrate into existing warehouse systems to ensure a smooth transition.

Pallet-to-Person Robots at a Glance:

  • Improved space utilization
  • Decant-free direct pallet picking
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Reduced costs

X Series 4-Way Shuttle

The X Series 4-Way Shuttle solution is a multilevel storage and retrieval system with integrated ground-level picking technology and upper-level storage. This intelligent and innovative AMR maximizes height and space utilization and offers 5x higher storage capacity, augmenting warehouse throughput, storage, and operational flexibility. X series robots function within racks, running on a track to complete inbound and outbound tasks.

A grid of shelves lined with gray totes

X1200 AMR for pallet-to-person processes


  • Maximum lifting load: 1200 kg
  • Maximum speed: no load 1.5 m/s, full load 1.2 m/s
  • Maximum shelf size: customizable
  • Maximum lifting height: 45 mm
  • Dimensions: 1090x1030x160 mm
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Minimum lifting time: 5 seconds
  • AMRs for Moving

    GeekPlus autonomous mobile robot solutions for moving replace conveyor belts for shelving, toting, and pallet handling. When it comes to pallet lifting and handling, the MP1000R easily handles pallets 1000 kg or less directly from ground support. Compatible with standard pallets of multiple shapes and sizes, the MP1000R covers virtually all pallet handling needs in manufacturing and warehouse scenarios. This AMR supports flexible customization of lifting modules within a specific height range and adapts to docking modules at different heights, such as load shifting and automatic conveying lines.

    The MP1000R and M200C are both AMRs that can support various shelving carriers, like racks or carts. These mobile robots are efficiently compatible with loading and recording various shelf models to enable automatic identification and fast docking. These moving robots are equipped with SLAM, LiDAR, and QR code navigation technology, enabling flexible deployment in complex and dynamic field environments and ensuring reliability and safety when delivering shelves and interacting with people.


    • Adds locations at sensor height to map
    • +/- 100mm precision
    • Requires zero infrastructure adaptation
    • Map is constantly updated as robot moves


    • Adds locations at sensor height to map
    • +/- 100mm precision
    • Requires at least three visible reflectors
    • Sense unique and robust landmarks

    QR Code

    • Adds locations to map via breadcrumbs
    • +/- 10mm precision
    • Requires one QR code/meter
    • Senses totally unique landmarks

    Moving Robots at a Glance:

    • Rapid deployment
    • Short project implementation cycles
    • Ability to independently create and modify mapping
    • Customizable process management and charging policies
    • Flexible addition or removal of robots
    • Supports simultaneous utilization of different robot models
    • No environmental modifications needed
    • Suitable for complex human-robot interaction

    MP200C (Shelf Handling)

    • Dimensions: 760x520x313 mm
    • Rotation diameter: 774 mm
    • Maximum payload: 200 kg
    • Maximum running speed: no load 1.5 m/s, full load 1.5 m/s

    MP200C (Tote Handling)

    • Dimensions: 830x520x319 mm
    • Rotation diameter: 897 mm
    • Maximum payload: 200 kg
    • Maximum running speed: no load 1.5 m/s,
      full load 1.5 m/s


    • Dimensions: 1090x830x275 mm
    • Rotation diameter: 1090 mm
    • Maximum payload: 1000 kg
    • Maximum running speed: no load 1.5 m/s, full load 1.5 m/s

    AMRS for Sorting

    GeekPlus's autonomous mobile robot solutions for floor-based and multi-layer sorting are accurate, agile, and scalable. The S20 series sort small and middle-sized items at floor level while monitoring robot traffic and achieving maximum sorting efficiency. Integrated with GeekPlus's moving AMRs, the S20 series can automatically transport packages and achieve automated sorting operations. For multi-layer sorting, mobile robots work on different platform levels to improve the use and efficiency of warehouse or manufacturing space. In this environment, packing, sorting, and loading areas are highly integrated to optimize the entire throughput process.

    Sorting Robots at a Glance:

    • ROI in less than three years
    • Scalable investment to fit business needs
    • Reduces or replaces labor intensity
    • Increases sorting efficiency and accuracy
    • Fully automated process management
    • Diverse range of robots to suit operational needs
    • Short deployment period
    • Replenishment, return, and fulfillment capabilities


    • Payload: 20 kg
    • Carrier surface height: 1100 mm
    • Maximum load height: 600x420x400 mm
    • Dimensions: 560x600x577-1127 mm
    • Weight: 100 kg
    • Maximum speed: 2.5 m/s


    • Payload: 20 kg
    • Carrier surface height: 1000 mm
    • Maximum load height: 600x420x400 mm
    • Dimensions: 560x600x1027 mm
    • Weight: 75 kg
    • Maximum speed: 2.5 m/s


    • Payload: 8 kg
    • Carrier surface height: 1250 mm
    • Maximum load height: 500x400x300 mm
    • Dimensions: 560x510x1335 mm
    • Weight: 70 kg
    • Maximum speed: 2.5 m/s


    • Payload: 100 kg
    • Carrier surface height: 540 mm
    • Maximum load height: 750x1000x600 mm
    • Dimensions: 1150x832x590 mm
    • Weight: 21 kg
    • Maximum speed: 2.0 m/s


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