Businesses face growth and change all the time, and Womack Group is no different. In fact, the growth that we've seen over the last few years has been so significant that we are actually evolving as a company. As technology continues to advance and create new products and opportunities, it is essential that we evolve with the technology to continue providing the best tailored solutions to our customers. To take the next step in our evolution as a company, Womack Group has developed a new sales team dedicated to heavy industry and industrial hydraulics. In this episode of Evolution in Controls, host Tim Wilson is joined by Kevin Kampe, Vice President of Mobile and Industrial Sales South, and Ben Page, Director of Industrial Hydraulics South, to discuss this new sales division and what it means for new and existing customers.

As an engineering partner, systems integrator, and value-added distributor, we provide advanced motion control solutions for mobile/off-highway, factory automation, and now industrial hydraulics applications and industries. With a presence in 33 states across the U.S. and one location in Windsor, Ontario, our sales teams play an integral role in this mission as each salesperson is technically trained and experienced with the products and solutions that we offer; they are experts in hydraulics, electromechanical, and pneumatics in every industry we serve.

Kevin explains that with the talent, experience, and knowledge of our sales teams, it was only natural to shift from geographical sales regions to regions that focused on customers' industries and application needs. The industrial hydraulics sales team now operates in six territories: three in Texas, one in the southeast, one in the mountain region, and one in the central states. Within these territories, according to Ben, the new industrial hydraulics team will be serving a wide range of heavy industries, including metals, foundries, forging, rubber, plastics, mining, minerals, and coal.

The previous geographical formation of the sales regions often made it a challenge to ensure each industry was best serviced as salespeople worked with customers from many different backgrounds, both mobile/off-highway and industrial. But now, the team will "eat, drink, and breathe" industrial hydraulics, according to Ben, and be more diligent than ever in providing services, repairs, installations, system design, system fabrication, reliability upgrades, and more.

This evolution in the company will help us grow further in industrial hydraulics industries and provide the best fit solutions to customers across the country. With this big step in growth, though, comes the challenge of finding the best people to bolster this new sales team. If you're interested in growing your industrial hydraulics sales career, please visit our career page to explore our open positions.

To stay up to date on Womack Group's growth and evolution, follow our LinkedIn profiles: Morrell Group and Womack Machine Supply.

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