Mobile Tightening Carts

Morrell Group Tightening Cart

Morrell Group Tightening Carts are configurable, flexible and mobile, making them ideal for a number of applications on your factory floor. By utilizing components from our trusted vendor partner, Bosch Rexroth, we have the ability to configure a custom solution to meet your application needs. Make your modern factory adaptable to any circumstance with a truly mobile tightening cart.

About the Tightening Carts

The Morrell Group Tightening Carts house custom tools and wireless or wired fixtured or hand tools. They also include a reliable and durable barcode scanner, which assists with component or bolt selection. There is convenient storage with socket trays on top and a drawer in the center. The workstation itself is built with Bosch Rexroth Assembly Technology components, which are durable, ergonomic and configurable to suit any factory floorplan.

Morrell Group Tightening Mobile Cart

Application Examples

The application uses for Morrell Group’s Tightening Cart are endless thanks to their flexible components. Everything from the cart layout and size to which tightening tools and accessories are included can be configured to meet your application requirements.

  • Crash Cart
  • Production Cart
  • Verification Cart
  • Training Cart
  • Joint Simulators
  • Troubleshooting and Testing
  • Repair Bay
  • Prototyping
  • Custom solutions for other applications available

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