Stegner Controls

Stegner Controls is a world-class provider of solutions for electrical and motion control systems – from simple panel builds to the full integration of complex, turnkey systems.

Stegner Controls is different from other controls companies in two critical ways:

First, Stegner Controls offers complete life-cycle support. Stegner works with its customers to envision, plan, design, source, build, test, integrate, and support control system solutions.  Or, alternatively, Stegner can jump in and serve for any portion of this cycle – whatever the need, on demand.   Stegner is unequalled for its breadth, depth, and flexibility of service.

Second, Stegner Controls offers tremendous experience – serving more than a dozen major industries worldwide – and leverages that to provide unique value. What it advances in one industry it applies to raise the bar in another. No other company brings as much innovation and continuous improvement to the customers it serves.

Stegner Controls Robotics

Stegner Controls Panel Build Systems



Stegner Control IndustriesStegner Controls serves more than a dozen major industries. Key among them:

  • For the automotive industry we provide automated control systems, including robotic and welding controls; and verification, safety, and vision systems. Our experience includes body in white, engine and transmission assembly, final assembly, metal removal, and more.

  • For the mobile equipment industry we provide control, power generation, and safety systems; wiring harnesses; and electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic engineering services for agricultural machines, forestry machines, off-road vehicles, rail transportation, and more.

  • For the joining technologies industry we provide control and verification systems for sealing, riveting, and welding.

  • Similar capabilities are also provided to the machine tool, power generation, entertainment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, press automation, and printing and converting industries, and many more.


Stegner Controls offers a very broad and deep set of capabilities that is constantly expanded and improved.

Stegner Controls Expertise

Control Expertise


  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix1

  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix1

  • Allen-Bradley Micrologix1

  • FactoryTalk View2

  • Fanuc3

  • Modicon, Quantum4

  • Siemens S Series5

  • Telemecanique4

  • RS View Series1

Metal Cutting/Powertrain

  • Allen-Bradley Kinetix1

  • Bosch Rexroth CLM/CLT/CLC6

  • Bosch Rexroth DIAX02/046

  • Bosch Rexroth Indra Drive6

  • Bosch Rexroth MLC6

  • Bosch Rexroth MTX6

  • GE Cimplicity7

  • Fanuc i Series3

  • Fanuc PowerMate3

  • Mitsubishi CNC8

  • Siemens 840 Series5

  • Telemecanique NUM CNC4

Stegner Controls Hardware

Hardware Design

  • AutoCAD 2007 to present

  • Designed to Specification for Compliance

  • Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Lube, Coolant Design

  • Complete Stocklist/BOM Generation

  • Heat Calculation/Air Conditioner Sizing

  • High & Low Voltage Systems

  • I/O Layouts

  • JIC, ANSI, or IEC Drawing Standards

  • Load & Phase

  • Panel/Backplate Layouts

  • PLC/CNC Architecture Hardware Layouts

  • Power Consumption/Transformer Sizing

  • Single Line to Complete Design Packages

  • UL 508 Compliance Review Services

Stegner Controls software solutions

Software Design


  • Computer or Dedicated HMI

  • Designed to Reference

  • Diagnostics – Level 1, 2, or 3

  • Level of Control through HMI

  • Touch Screen or Keypad

  • Motion/CNC

  • Basic Parameters

  • Logic

  • Macros

  • PC Front End

  • PLC

  • Designed to Detailed Sequence of Operations

  • Diagnostics

  • Ladder Logic/Sequential Function Chart/Flow Chart

  • Required Software Revision Level

Stegner controls Machine Experts

Machine Control Design Expertise


  • AGV/ASRS Systems

  • Automated Inspection

  • Material Handling Equipment

  • Press Automation

  • Robotic Manufacturing Cells

  • Seat PODS Systems

  • Sortation/Distribution/Towline/ Power & Free Conveyors

  • Specialty Machines

  • Trim Press Machines

  • Underbody Assembly

  • Weld Panel & Weld Lines

  • Wheel Alignment Machines

Stegner Controls Metal cutting

Machine Control Design Expertise

Metal Cutting/Powertrain

  • Adhesive Application Equipment

  • Broaching Machines

  • Chilled Water Systems

  • CNC Machining Centers/Turning Machines/Lathes

  • Fastening Systems

  • Gear Shapers/Shavers/Hobbers

  • Induction Heating Machines

  • Leak Test Machines

  • Linear and Area Gantries

  • Micro Finishing Machines

  • Press Fit Machines

  • Torque-To-Turn Test Machines

  • Transfer Machines/Dials

Stegner Controls Americanization

Americanization of Off-Shore Machines

  • Conversion of Hardware/Software Design

  • HMI Screen Conversions

  • New Panel Drawings

  • Re-Engineering of Existing Machine Design to North American Standards

  • Safety Standards

  • Specification Compliance

  • UL, CSA

Stegner Controls Welding


  • Advanced Alloys

  • Aluminum Welding

  • Flash/Butt Welding

  • General Purpose Resistance Welding

  • High Current Flash Welding

  • Precision Spot Welding

  • Press Welding

  • Projection Welding

  • Seam Welding

  • Short Duty/High Current Applications

Stegner Controls vision sensors


  • Assembly Verification

  • Defect Inspection

  • Part Identification

  • Vision Guided Robotics


Stegner controls panel building service solutions

Panel Build

  • 100% Panel Testing Before Shipment

  • Labor Plus Material

  • UL Panel Build Facility

    – Built to CSA, CE, IEC

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