Leantechnik is an innovative manufacturer of high-precision, robust lifting systems for automation applications. Leantechnik’s flexible design allows you to configure their linear gear rack lift drives and accessories to meet your specific needs. With Leantechnik, you can freely select the parameters of your lifting system, and their solutions are excellent for long distances.

A Complete Lifting System Solution

As an Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor (ESV), Morrell Group is perfectly positioned to concept, design, engineer, source, and integrate a custom lift solution. Our access to products that are complementary to Leantechnik, such as linear guides and servo controls, allow our team to optimize a complete lifting system for your application. Morrell Group also guarantees sizing accuracy. We work alongside your team to get the specifics of your application and performance requirements. After evaluating the entire picture, our team will select the best components and system design to meet your needs.

Lifting Systems

Leantechnik Lift System

  • Synchronous lifting systems
  • Tailored to meet your parameters for length, space, speed, and capacity
  • Ideal for lifting tables, lifting columns, or elevating conveyors
  • Supports lifting tables for high loads with high positioning and repeat accuracy
  • Can also be tailored for lifting high and decentralized loads or be used as an intermediate stacker

Flexible Positioning Systems

Leantechnik Flexible Positioning Systems

  • Flexible and highly adaptable positioning system
  • 2 or 3-axis positioning system
  • As a vertical 2-axis positioning table, ideal for high payloads with fast travel speeds
  • 2-axis solution provides the ultimate flexibility by offering a suspended version
  • 3-axis positioning system
  • Designed to absorb transverse and process forces
  • Suited for the automotive industry, where it can adapt to different pickup points for each car body


Leantechnik Shuttle Systems

  • Quickly transfer materials from one area to another with Leantechnik's transfer and shuttle system.
  • Built for durability and speed
  • Surprisingly compact
  • Effectively transfers materials with various shuttle solutions. Whether a suspended 1-beam shuttle or a standing 2-axis transfer parts conveyor, Leantechnik can meet your material transfer requirements.


Leantechnik Pick-and-Place

  • Durable pick-and-place system
  • Move large loads quickly, precisely, and reliably
  • Several system variations to meet your application needs: 2, 3, or 4-axis solutions
  • Variable 2-axis gantry is flexible with the ability to attach grippers, clamps, vacuum devices, or additional devices to the ends of the rack
  • 3-axis system is compact with an extendable support arm, making it ideal for single-sided access
  • 4-axis system is suited for picking up surface-optimized cut parts and stacking them congruently on opposite pallets

Complete Systems

Leanteckink Complete System

  • An adaptable complete gantry system utilizing Leantechnik’s gearbox technology and accessories
  • Application examples:
    • Complex sorting systems for logistics
    • Transferring parts in and out of chemical baths
    • Combined 2-axis palletizer and feeder solution with gripper jaws attached to the gearbox rack

Customized Gearboxes

Leantechnik Custom Gearboxes

  • Develop custom gearboxes to meet your specific application needs
  • Extensive product knowledge and resources available
  • Customizable solutions to meet requirements for particular loads, coating or material specifications, dimensions, or environmental durability.
  • Coating options include burnished, galvanized, anodized, or Duralloy
  • Stainless steel option available

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