As roll feeds in stamping plants continue to age, operators experience increased downtime and limited access to obsolete replacement parts. Maintenance personnel are faced with a few options: track down hard-to-find replacement parts and deal with downtime, replace the entire roll feed system, or retrofit. Evaluate your options with Morrell Group and our Roll Feed Retrofit Program.

How the Roll Feed Retrofit Program Works

First, a team of engineers will meet to review your current roll feed system and identify servo drives and motors. If your servos are current, we can easily replace them for you. If they are obsolete, we can just as easily retrofit your system for new servos and optimized performance.

Morrell Group’s Roll Feed Retrofit Program encompasses our full support as an Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor (ESV). We collaborate with your team to gain a full understanding of your system and your manufacturing goals. Then, we engineer a solution that optimizes your system, properly and consistently feeding the presses at an incredibly high rate of speed. Finally, we supply our solution and provide on-site support.

Roll Feed

A Proud Partner of Bosch Rexroth

We are proud partners with Bosch Rexroth, a leading manufacturer of servo drives and motors, including IndraMotion. IndraMotion for Metal Forming is a scalable, modular motion control system for single and multi-axis applications. It has preconfigured controls and offers increased plant safety with secondary encoders creating redundancy protection. Their energy-efficient solutions use electric drive technology and software and services developed to optimize energy consumption. Our Roll Feed Retrofit Program uses these intelligent servo drives and motors.

Rexroth IndraMotion MLC for Roll Feed

Rexroth IndraMotion MLC for Roll Feed

Custom Control Cabinets for Roll Feed Retrofits

Morrell Group also specializes in custom control cabinets, which can be built as a standalone and quickly installed on your factory floor. All of our work is UL certified and in compliance with AS9100D, ISO9011:2015, and OSHA, so you know your solution is safe and reliable.


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Condition Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

HYDAC Filters

Roll feed systems can experience a lot of wear and tear. Read our news post about the benefits and advantages of Condition Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance.

Preventative maintenance and condition monitoring are critical to maximizing equipment uptime. Morrell Group utilizes HYDAC’s leading technology in a variety of customer applications to maintain fluid and component cleanliness. From mobile filtration carts to replacement filter elements, we can meet all of your fluid maintenance requirements.