Automation Solutions for Packaging

Optimizing an automation solution for packaging and processing facilities means getting more products out the door without compromising quality. We leverage our sales and engineering teams’ industry experience and product knowledge to develop the ideal automation solution for your specific application using our trusted vendor partners' quality components. Our team utilizes the diverse product offering from Rexroth to improve packaging and processing applications' performance and reliability. Benefits include increased uptime, improved productivity, ease of use, and reduced cost.

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Innovative Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution for EV Manufacturing

Best-in-class DC voltage with a modular, future-proof design

Auburn Hills, Michigan – November 17, 2020 – Morrell Group, a motion control Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor (ESV), has developed a new Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution to serve the growing electric vehicle industry. As the demand for electric vehicles increases, manufacturers need an efficient and reliable production process. Morrell Group's Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution is a compact, modular, and future-proof solution for end-of-line testing built with industry-leading components from Bosch Rexroth. 

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New Non-contact Motion Sensor SPEETEC from SICK

SICK SPEETEC Non-contact motion sensor

Introducing the SPEETEC, the new non-contact motion sensor from SICK. SPEETEC accurately determines the length, position and speed of objects and surfaces without any measuring elements or scales. It reliably measures continuous roll materials or single items such as paper, plastic, metal, wood or textiles. It proves to be particularly advantageous with sensitive or soft materials, which would normally be damaged by traditional tactile sensors. SPEETEC is "virtually wear and maintenance-free," according to SICK, providing an excellent return on your investment.

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Fun with Python and Raspberry Pi

Morrell Group prioritizes learning new programming languages so we can provide the best level of support to our customers. Gaining a well-rounded knowledge of programming languages also helps us with newer product launches coming from our vendors, like Bosch Rexroth’s ctrlX platform. Recently, Dan Wilson, a Sales Engineer at Morrell Group, spent three months learning the basics of Python and applying his knowledge to develop a functioning example.

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Advanced Automatic Light Grid Technology from SICK

SICK FlexChain Automatic Light Grid

FlexChain is a unique concept in machine sensor control technology from SICK that offers any machine builder or controls designer a simplified and flexible approach to sensor connectivity. The automatic light grid technology allows any combination of up to 60 sensors to be daisy-chained together but monitored individually. This connection architecture offers many advantages, which increase machine process flexibility and significantly reduce installation costs:

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Handheld Scanner ZS36x8 DPM from SICK Provides Reliable Code Identification for Challenging Industrial Applications

The ZS36x8 DPM mobile handheld scanner from SICK is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications thanks to its reliable direct partial markings (DPM) code reading, durable design and simple Fieldbus configuration. The ZS36x8 DPM quickly detects all DPM, 1D- and 2D-codes. Its three-fold read confirmation via LED, beeper and vibration allows it to be easily configured and operated. The durable housing has IP65 and IP67 enclosure rating to withstand ambient conditions and cordless options provide the ultimate flexibility. The ZS36x8 DPM can be easily integrated into various industrial Fieldbuses with connection modules from SICK.

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Powerful, Efficient Motion Control with Rexroth’s IndraDrive ML

Rexroth IndraDrive ML

Today, machine users are challenged by maintaining their bottom line while meeting increased productivity and availability demands. They need machines and drive technology they can count on for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The IndraDrive ML from Rexroth is a powerful drive solution that is capable of generating up to 500 kW. The IndraDrive ML is ideal for multi-axis applications, as it is capable of connecting to 8 units in parallel to reach outputs as high as 4 MW.

Morrell Group’s team applies the advantages listed below to every application as they leverage their industry experience and intimate product knowledge to engineer your custom drive solution. Contact Morrell Group for more information today.

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