Automation Solutions for Packaging

Optimizing an automation solution for packaging and processing facilities means getting more products out the door without compromising quality. We leverage our sales and engineering teams’ industry experience and product knowledge to develop the ideal automation solution for your specific application using our trusted vendor partners' quality components. Our team utilizes the diverse product offering from Rexroth to improve packaging and processing applications' performance and reliability. Benefits include increased uptime, improved productivity, ease of use, and reduced cost.

Automation Solutions for Packaging Rexroth


  • Flexibility in Programming Languages: Python, Blockly, Java, C/C++, Node-ED, IEC61131…
  • App-Based Programming: Use Rexroth’s ready-made apps, make your own, or use 3rd party apps
  • Web-Based Automation: Your controls will always be up to date and software installations are eliminated
  • Virtual Twin: Programming without hardware


Interactive Communication Platform

  • Fully Networked: All relevant data is available directly at the production location, in the office, or on the road
  • Work-flow Efficiency: Continuously gathers, organizes, and filters all manufacturing data from connections to MES, ERP, and DB to manual or automation printing to widgets.
  • Transparent and User-friendly: Interactive annotations, version history, personal layouts, meeting agendas, and apps to facilitate decision-making processes

Interactive Communication Platform

Digital Assistant System

  • Interactive Guide: Provides step-by-step guidance through the assembly process
  • Web-Based Configuration: Easy integration of assembly processes online and offline
  • Modular Design: Freely configurable hardware and software

Digital Assistant System

Smart MechatroniX Solutions

  • Ready-to-install system for handling applications including pick and place, palletizing, packaging, assembly, machine loading and logistics
  • Easy Product Selection: Reduce engineering time with predefined hardware and pre-installed software
  • Zero Programming: 80% faster commissioning


VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor

  • Modular, Pre-engineered System: Reduce design time with a highly adaptable system
  • Turnkey Solution: Everything is delivered in one package from a quality manufacturer
  • Easy to Install: No specialized tools required

Rexroth Varioflow plus chain conveyor

Linear Motion Measuring System

  • Compact and Flexible: Integrated encoder in the runner block with no attachments
  • Economical and Simple: Less components means less space required and lower costs
  • Robust and Maintenance-free: Shock and vibration proof with contactless measuring principle

IMS Compact Automation Solution for Packaging

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