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Work trucks and service trucks are versatile equipment that serve as platforms capable of modifications that turn them into dedicated work tools. More often than not, these work tools contain extensive hydraulic systems. However, these systems aren't always up-to-date with the industry's latest hydraulic technology, which grows more sophisticated, capable, and complex as new solutions and products are developed. The stagnancy of work truck hydraulics could be a root cause of inefficiencies in overall machine performance, but these inefficiencies can be improved with load sense systems, horsepower management, noise, space and weight claim, and telematics. With many areas for improvement, work truck and service truck manufacturers, fleet owners, and operators are only recently recognizing the advantages of embracing the technological change in hydraulics.

Adapting to today's changing and trending hydraulic technology means embracing the shift to electronic controls. Much of today's hydraulic technology created and designed by industry leaders incorporates closed-center systems and electronics to reduce space and weight claims and decrease operating costs for work truck fleet owners. Morrell Group's core focus of improving hydraulic systems in work trucks is ease of use, flexibility, efficiency, and productivity. That's why, as a leading expert in hydraulic systems for mobile applications, we offer comprehensive solutions to bring work truck hydraulic technology up to the industry's standards of today.

Applications and Industries

Three work trucks with raised buckets

  • Flatbed tow trucks
  • Fuel and lube trailers
  • Hooklift, roll-off, and dumpster trucks
  • Mechanic trucks and vans
  • Service cranes
  • Service trucks and vans
  • Tire service trucks and manipulators

Red work truck lowering a dumspter

  • Agriculture
  • Energy and utility
  • Government and municipality
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Railroad
  • Telecommunications

Experienced Guidance

At Morrell Group, a segment of our company is dedicated to the mobile on- and off-highway industry. Serving as an extension of your engineering department, our team of expert hydraulic and electrical engineers is waiting at the ready to support you in every way. Our trustworthy technical frontline salespeople are highly qualified to guide and support you as you integrate new hydraulic technology into your work trucks.

Advanced Hydraulic System Solutions for Work Trucks

Morrell Group provides a comprehensive product portfolio designed for hydraulic systems in work trucks. The available product lines focus primarily on improving the hydraulic systems found in various work trucks by integrating electronics and software. Utilizing the latest hydraulic and electronic technology, work truck OEMs can implement efficient and flexible solutions that increase productivity and ease of use for operators and end users.

Electronic Open Circuit

Electronic Open Circuit

Bosch Rexroth Electronic Open Circuit (eOC) pump software and hydraulic components are designed for controlling travel and working hydraulic functions in a single hydraulic circuit in work trucks. eOC software suited for PTO and electric drives and compatible with Rexroth A10VO, A11VO, and A15VO pumps. All hydromechanical control functions and interfaces are transferred into the software to enable customizable control modes and adjustable pump dynamics during operation. The eOC pump software improves machine performance and increases the hydraulic systems' overall productivity in work trucks.

Bosch Rexroth Load Sense Valves

Load Sense Valve Solutions

Morrell Group offers a variety of exceptional load-sensing valve platforms renowned for their flexibility and high-performance capabilities. Whether the hydraulic system requires directional spool, directional poppet, pressure, flow control, or check valves, our load sense valve solutions come in various configurations, including cartridge, slip-in, manifold-mounted, sandwich plates, or pipe valves. These modular solutions enable countless design options for hydraulic systems, ensuring a tailored approach that suits your specific work truck requirements.

EDG Bankable Valves

EDG Bankable Valves

The Bosch Rexroth EDG bankable valves are a modern and versatile valve platform designed for hydraulic systems in work trucks. These compact sectional valves feature direct-acting directional valve elements with load-sensing pre-compensation. They offer flexibility in meeting regulatory classification requirements for overall application weight and power density benchmarks, supporting low emissions for work trucks. Their on-off and proportional versions, circuit modularity, compact dimensions, lightweight design, and load-sensing capabilities make the EDG bankable valves an essential solution for hydraulic systems in work trucks.

Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

HYDAC ELD 12/24 V DC Heat Exchangers utilize high-performance cooling elements and long-life DC electrical fans for extended, trouble-free operation in work trucks. A compact design allows ELD heat exchangers to fit various work trucks with tight installation spaces while excelling at heat dissipation. Updating hydraulic systems in work trucks and other mobile applications with HYDAC's cooling systems can sustainably increase efficiency and service.

Remote Controls


Remote controls allow operators to remotely manage and control various functions of work trucks and equipment attached to the trucks. This technology increases worker safety by letting operators work safely away from potentially hazardous conditions. Productivity is also boosted as remote controls can reduce the time and effort needed to perform tasks or transition between functions. Remotes provide precision that empowers operators to easily perform intricate and delicate maneuvers while adapting to diverse job requirements.

Diaphragm Pumps for Work Trucks

Diaphragm Pumps

Graco's proven diaphragm pumps are air or electrically-operated with low pulsation and smooth flow. The electrically operated diaphragm pumps significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional air-operated pumps. Work truck operators can efficiently and effectively control the pump using armrest controls or a display screen.

Hose Reels for Work Trucks

Hose Reels

In work truck applications, hose reels are efficient and multifunctional, serving various tasks seamlessly. They play a crucial role in enhancing worker efficiency by enabling quick access to hoses while ensuring they remain in optimal condition. Rugged and easy to use, hose reels with sturdy all-metal frames are indispensable tools for work trucks. They offer a smooth release and consistent recoiling mechanism that requires minimal maintenance. These versatile reels can handle various fluids, including grease, oils, air, water, and windshield washer fluid.


Sensor Solutions

Morrell Group's product range offers innovative and robust linear position, angle, and tilt sensors for assistance functions, closed-loop control functions, monitoring functions, and measuring pressure, temperature, linear position, proximity, level, flow rate, rotational speed, contamination, and oil condition. Additionally, near field monitoring is possible with our compact sensor system for object detection, collision warning, and distance determination, offering many possibilities when integrated into hydraulic systems.

Mobile application filters


As a market pioneer for filtration technology, HYDAC provides solutions that support oil and fluid conditioning to help work truck hydraulic systems run safely and efficiently. HYDAC supplies laboratory-based technologies and innovations tested within a broad filter range for liquid and gaseous media. All filtration products are of very high quality to reliably increase the service life of components, systems, and machinery. With a broad product range, HYDAC has a filter solution for any work truck hydraulic system.


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