A Trusted ESV for Electrical Solutions

As an Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor (ESV), Morrell Group offers a wide range of Bosch Rexroth electrical solutions. Electronic products and components are versatile, cost-effective, and economical solutions that are sure to be found in the factory of the future. Morrell Group partners with you for every step of the integration process, from helping you find your best-fit electrical solution to ensuring your systems function properly after installation.

Our Solutions

  • Automatic Identification
  • Custom Cable Configurations
  • Encoders
  • Gate Switches
  • I/O Switches
  • Machine Safety
  • Measurement Safety
  • PLCs & HMIs
  • Power Supply Distribution
  • Sensing Technology
  • Servo-Drives & Controls

    Bosch Rexroth ctrlX AUTOMATION for Electrical

    ctrlX is a scalable compact control unit and the latest innovation from Bosch Rexroth. It sets a new standard in electrical automation technology with its open and flexible architecture.

    Variable Frequency Drives

    Variable Frquency Drives for Electrical

    Bosch Rexroth’s variable frequency drives are an economical solution for dependable speed control and demand-oriented energy supply.



    Sytronix is a perfect blend of the best features of hydraulics and electrical drives. Its variable-speed pump drive design results in lower noise emissions and energy consumption.



    The CytroBox is a dynamic, all-in-one electrical power unit solution for a performance range of 7.5 kW to 30 kW. It is easy to integrate into new and existing systems with its sleek control cabinet design.