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The Smart Function Kit for Handling was designed to move components or workpieces in defined spaces with precision and dependability. This mechatronic solution relies on a Cartesian single- or multi-axis system. A combination of proven Rexroth linear axes and state-of-the-art control technology and software creates single-sourced, customized solutions.

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Plug & Produce to Start Immediately

Select and configure products quickly and easily with modern e-tools. See a quick start to production and a short time-to-market by utilizing the preinstalled software to commission and process configuration with speed and intuition.

A Wide Range of Applications

As a ready-to-install mechatronic positioning and handling solution, the Smart Function Kit for Handling is a perfect fit for automating technology in areas such as pick and place logistical applications, packaging technology, machine loading, machine assembly or assembly processes.

Servo Drive with Integrated Control System

Individually configurable and I4.0 capable

  • Current generation ctrlX Drive servo drive
  • Integrated ctrlX CORE control
  • Open interface for I4.0 via OPC-UA
  • Multiple Fieldbus-based protocols: Sercos III, Ethernet IP, Profinet, EtherCAT

Mechanics and Motor

Single- or multi-axis Cartesian modular system, easily configurable

  • Linear axes include CKK and CKR compact modules, MKR linear modules, and connection elements
  • Absolute encoder and integrated motor brake built into the MS2N series servomotor
  • Vast array of possible customized solutions

Browser-based, intuitive Web HMI

Ease of use for process analysis, process configuration, commissioning, and operation

  • Easy commissioning with Wizard
  • Zero programming knowledge needed
  • Easily integrated into higher-level control and IT infrastructure
  • Immediate program creation
  • Configure with drag and drop process

One Mechatronic Solution — Numerous Benefits

Easy product selection and configuration

Easy product selection and configuration

  • Various kits combine preselected mechanical, electrical, and software components
  • Single-sourced components, Rexroth quality

Plug & Produce

  • Single-package delivery, operating software preinstalled
  • Servo drive auto parameterizes
  • Servo drive’s integrated motion control requires few interfaces

Zero Programming

  • No need for programming knowledge
  • Process and evaluation elements configured simply, logically
  • Browser-based HMI adaptable to various end devices
  • Design in modern, intuitive

System Overview

  • Single-or multi-axis system; CKK and CKR linear modules, sizes 090-200; MKR sizes 065-110; essential connection elements
  • Automation hardware includes servo drive, control unit, and servo motor
  • Browser-based WEB HMI enables process configuration and analysis, operation, and commissioning


Multi-axis system configurator

Selection and Sizing Tool

Selection and Sizing Image

Smart Function Kit Pressing and Joining logo

Smart Function Kit for Pressing and Joining

The Smart Function Kit for Pressing and Joining by Bosch Rexroth is a ready-to-use system of Rexroth components for joining processes, including an easy-to-use, web-based software solution.

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