Supporting March of Dimes on December 1st

At Morrell Group, we believe family, friends and experiences matter. We actively engage in community outreach as a corporation and encourage participation on an individual level. As we state in our mission statement, “we believe our collaborative approach should extend beyond the walls of our office to our local communities through service and compassion.” We actively seek to partner with organizations to provide support and resources to our communities. This year we are excited to sponsor the 2020 March of Dimes Golf Classic in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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Use Magnom Magnetic Filters to Save Your Equipment

Magnom Magnetic Filters

Aggressive ferrous debris tends to contaminate industrial fluids, damage inline fluid systems and degrade fluid filter products. Magnom offers a unique solution to this issue with its magnetic filters.

Employing a unique core technology, Magnom Magnetic Filters clean micron and submicron-sized ferrous particles from a wide range of fluids.

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Compact Lubrication Flow Divider Valves – EZ Greaser from Graco

EZ Greaser Compact Lubrication Flow Divider Valve

Graco, a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, recently announced the launch of their refreshed line of EZ Greaser™ compact lubrication flow divider valves. The EZ Greaser assemblies are ideal for adding centralized lubrication to trucks, tractors and trailers. With EZ Greaser, users can ensure no grease points are overlooked while they safely and easily grease many points from one fitting. This also shortens the amount of time required for greasing. The EZ Greaser assemblies are compact and cost-effective, suitable for tight spaces where weight matters.

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Advanced Automatic Light Grid Technology from SICK

SICK FlexChain Automatic Light Grid

FlexChain is a unique concept in machine sensor control technology from SICK that offers any machine builder or controls designer a simplified and flexible approach to sensor connectivity. The automatic light grid technology allows any combination of up to 60 sensors to be daisy-chained together but monitored individually. This connection architecture offers many advantages, which increase machine process flexibility and significantly reduce installation costs:

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Inline Filters with Quality Protection Guaranteed from HYDAC

HYDAC Inline Filter FLN FLND

The new FLN Inline Filters and FLND Inline Duplex Filters from HYDAC have built-in quality protection (QPD) to prevent the use of non-quality protected filters in your machines. The proprietary design from HYDAC has a unique interface between the filter and filter element. This design feature prevents the use of inferior filter elements from counterfeit sources and ensures high-quality elements are installed on your equipment.

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Handheld Scanner ZS36x8 DPM from SICK Provides Reliable Code Identification for Challenging Industrial Applications

The ZS36x8 DPM mobile handheld scanner from SICK is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications thanks to its reliable direct partial markings (DPM) code reading, durable design and simple Fieldbus configuration. The ZS36x8 DPM quickly detects all DPM, 1D- and 2D-codes. Its three-fold read confirmation via LED, beeper and vibration allows it to be easily configured and operated. The durable housing has IP65 and IP67 enclosure rating to withstand ambient conditions and cordless options provide the ultimate flexibility. The ZS36x8 DPM can be easily integrated into various industrial Fieldbuses with connection modules from SICK.

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Plastic Product Manufacturer Sees Energy Savings of 93% with Sytronix

A plastic product manufacturer contacted QSI Automation to retrofit an injection-molding machine on their factory floor. The manufacturer needed to improve machine performance, operator conditions and reduce energy consumption of their Autojectors HCR-70 machine. The factory itself was beginning to push the limits on their overall power service. They had two options – make their machines more efficient or invest in costly building updates.

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New High Viscosity Fluid Sampling System from HYDAC

HYDAC just released the newest addition to the Hy-Trax Series, a High Viscosity Fluid Sampling System. The Fluid Sampling System provides local visibility to the fluid condition of critical systems. It is ideal for applications including industrial gearboxes, wind turbine gearboxes, bulk fluid storage vessels and industrial hydraulics in cooler climates.

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Powerful, Efficient Motion Control with Rexroth’s IndraDrive ML

Rexroth IndraDrive ML

Today, machine users are challenged by maintaining their bottom line while meeting increased productivity and availability demands. They need machines and drive technology they can count on for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The IndraDrive ML from Rexroth is a powerful drive solution that is capable of generating up to 500 kW. The IndraDrive ML is ideal for multi-axis applications, as it is capable of connecting to 8 units in parallel to reach outputs as high as 4 MW.

Morrell Group’s team applies the advantages listed below to every application as they leverage their industry experience and intimate product knowledge to engineer your custom drive solution. Contact Morrell Group for more information today.

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