Lubrication Stand

During trailer manufacturing, every axle must be correctly lubricated. Too much or too little lubricant can cause safety critical issues for both users and manufacturers. Over-lubrication creates heat through fluid friction, which degrades the lubricant. The degradation causes seal failure and allows external contaminants to get in and excess lubricant to leak. Under lubrication also generates heat, but through the friction of the moving parts, damaging components.

If these errors due to improper lubrication cause incidents for end users, the trailer manufacturer is held accountable and may have to cover the costs through warranty claims. This can be avoided by keeping proper records of lubrication data. The Automated Lubrication System lubricates each trailer axle with the correct material and amount, then automatically records all lubrication data in an internal database. By keeping a detailed record of lubrication data, the system provides a safety guarantee for both the trailer manufacturer and end users.

The Automated Lubrication System precisely lubricates trailer axles to the proper amount. The process begins when a user scans the trailer with a handheld scanner. The lubrication system reads the serial number and knows which lubricant is needed and how much should be used. The system signals with a light when it's ready to begin lubrication, and the user can now move the hose to plug into the axle. By manually actuating the metering valve, the Automated Lubrication System dispenses the appropriate amount of lubricant to every axle. The control valve will automatically stop when the correct amount of lubricant has been dispensed. All lubrication info is recorded and sent to an internal database.

Morrell Group Lubrication Stand

Morrell Group Automated Tightening System

Automated Tightening System by Morrell Group

The Automated Lubrication System pairs perfectly with the Automated Tightening System. This system also helps reduce incident and warranty claims by correctly tightening every trailer lug nut to the proper torque. Invest in the Automated Lubrication System and the Automatic Tightening System and protect your company's future.

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