One of the essential aspects of trailer manufacturing is ensuring wheel lug nuts are correctly tightened. Every lug nut on every trailer wheel has required specs to which they must be torqued. Under-tightening or over-tightening can cause significant safety critical issues for manufacturers and end users. Too much torque stresses the lug nut, which can cause stripping of the fastener threads, fracturing, cracking, and breaking. Under-torqued lug nuts risk the wheel falling off during operation.

If these errors cause incidents for end users, the trailer manufacturer is held responsible through warranty claims. Without recorded proof of proper tightening, the manufacturer can take a hit. The Automated Tightening System helps prevent warranty claims for improper lug nut tightening. This system accurately tightens all lug nuts to the proper specs and records all tightening information in an internal database.

The Automated Tightening System includes a wheel-multi tool comprised of Bosch Rexroth tightening spindles. The wheel-multi tool tightens all lug nuts simultaneously, ensuring they meet the required torque specifications. Additionally, the spindles can have optional LED lights, which assist the user in accurately positioning the tool and indicate when each lug nut has been tightened.

This precise system also features a multi-channel display that serves two purposes. First, it indicates when the lug nuts have been tightened correctly. If the optional LED lights aren't used, the multi-channel display is a visual tool for the user to identify when the lug nuts have been tightened. Second, the multi-channel display records and stores the tightening information, such as torque, in an internal database. These records may help the trailer manufacturer avoid warranty claims.

Morrell Group Automated Tightening System

Morrell Group Lubrication Stand

Automated Lubrication System by Morrell Group

The Automated Tightening System pairs perfectly with the Automated Lubrication System. This system also helps to reduce incident and warranty claims by properly lubricating trailer wheel axles. Invest in the Automated Lubrication System and the Automatic Tightening System and protect your company's future.

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