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Don’t let supply chain disruptions hinder production

Morrell Inventory Management (MIM) is a unique program created to solve the problem of long lead times due to supply chain disruptions. As an Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor (ESV), we collaborate with our customers to gain an understanding of their machines so we can schedule their parts for on-time delivery and manage any fluctuations in demand.

When it comes to building new machines, timing is everything. In some instances, the lead time to produce a machine is shorter than the lead time to produce critical components that machine requires. This causes a shared uncertainty between the customer and OEM as they push to meet delivery dates. OEMs can grow increasingly frustrated with long lead times, especially if they hold up their machine production. This can pose a more significant problem if an OEMs' business fluctuates and more parts than anticipated are required for production. OEMs need a partner that can keep up with a sudden increase in business and ensure supply chain disruptions will not hit their factory floor. That is where Morrell Inventory Management comes in.

Morrell Inventory Management

Morrell Inventory Management helps manage your material delivery process. Here's how it works:

  1. Our team gains an understanding of your machine's bill-of-material (BOM) and the associated lead times
  2. Together you'll select a part release times based on your production schedule
  3. Your MIM Team develops a custom forecast, so you get your parts on time

Success with Morrell Inventory Management

MIM allows you to stabilize your business and relax, knowing your parts will arrive on their scheduled delivery date. The results are proven. MIM has successfully managed Bruce P’s inventory flow, keeping his rough terrain equipment production line running.

“[MIM] allows me to be involved in material pipelines without
the worry of over inventorying hydraulic components, yet still be able to produce which model is needed.”
Bruce P, Rough Terrain Equipment

We work closely with our vendor partners to ensure we are working with accurate lead times and manage them accordingly. We consider what you need when you need it and the average production time to ensure we always have what you need in route. Our MIM team utilizes our direct channels of communication to the factory to receive regular updates on any lead time changes so we can react in real-time.

“Morrell is one of our favorite suppliers from a purchasing side
because they manage the lead times of our products.”
Ty H, Asphalt Equipment Manufacturer

When you start utilizing MIM, you no longer need to keep excess inventory on your warehouse floor or risk missing your delivery date due to delayed production. Your designated MIM Team constantly monitors your forecast providing regular updates, and facilitating changes as needed, ensuring you have the parts you need when you need them.

“Innovatively anticipating our demand, Morrell helps provide us the
flexibility to grow without fear of unanticipated spikes in demand."
Lukas K, Forklift Manufacturer

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Introducing Morrell Inventory Management

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Do you spend valuable time managing fluctuating demand and supply chain disruptions? Even worse, do you find yourself still uncertain if your parts will arrive on time? Morrell Group has been handling these issues for our customers for years. We work closely with our customers to gain an understanding of their machines and their associated bill-of-materials (BOM), so we can schedule their parts for on-time delivery and manage any fluctuations in demand.