Manufacturing plants and factories are in constant motion to keep up with demand and maintain output when creating, building, or producing goods and materials. Continuous production is often monotonous, labor-intensive, and costly, resulting in unsatisfied workers, low productivity, and a longer time to market. To combat these detrimental effects, manufacturers need strong, fast, and simple technology that provides new levels of accuracy, reliability, and precision.


Enter Kassow Robots, creators of the revolutionary collaborative robot, or cobot, that utilizes a unique combination of the 7th axis, highest payload, and longest reach for nearly the same price as competing 6-axis cobots. With a range of five models, Kassow Robots provides cobots that can reach around corners and undertake the most demanding manufacturing tasks. Additionally, their modularity allows them to be integrated into other robotic systems to create fully automated manufacturing systems.


Experienced Guidance

With over 45 years of industrial automation experience, Morrell Industrial is your expert partner for system and subsystem development, from initial concept and product to development and support. We work with you to learn about your specific applications and their requirements to develop the best-fit solution. Our Motioneer team provides custom concept engineering designs unique to your applications and system, allowing you to build, create, and have the ideal solution. As a proud partner of Bosch Rexroth and Kassow Robots, we are perfectly positioned with the expertise, support, and resources needed to provide leading technology for industrial automation and robots.


Human-Robot Collaboration

Kassow Robots cobots take full advantage of human-robot collaboration and interaction to increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce costs. By working together, workers can focus on tasks requiring human skills while the robots take on repetitive or physically demanding tasks, resulting in faster production times and higher output. Cobots are safe and flexible when working with their human counterparts and reduce the need for additional safety equipment and floor space, which can create further cost savings.


  • Assembly
  • CNC Machine
  • Dispensing
  • Labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Pick and Place
  • Packaging
  • Quality Control
  • Welding


  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Textiles

Edge Edition

The Edge Edition combines the power of the KR Series with an integrated controller in the robot's base, creating the most compact collaborative cobot on the market. Since no external controller is needed, the Edge Edition can fit into more confined spaces than its KR counterparts, creating even more use cases for this 7-axis cobot. Thanks to its integrated controller and mount at the 160x200 mm base, the Edge Edition can seamlessly integrate with AMRs and AGVs, delivering efficiency and agility like never before.

7-Axis Cobot Features


7th Axis

With the addition of the 7th axis, these cobots can reach around corners, take on the most demanding manufacturing tasks, and obtain infinite elbow positions for a given position at the end of the effector, allowing the cobot to reach into tight spaces and behind obstacles easily.

Long Reach, High Payload

Cobots provide unmatched flexibility, precision, and speed for any application's load, no matter how big or small.

Strong, Light, Durable

Cobots are solidly constructed with an all-aluminum surface and other strong materials. Each of the five models offers excellent durability and optimal performance in any industry.

Relocation & Versatility

These cobots are designed for easy and efficient setup and programming. Their small footprint allows them to be relocated and redeployed to different areas and applications, even in super confined spaces.

Cost-Effective Automation

From automating repetitive or complicated tasks to assisting in human-required work, cobots easily pay for themselves as they solve challenges.


Cobots have sensors that detect overload, allowing them to operate safely in shared workspaces. With safety precautions, the cobots have an expanded range of possible applications that undertake dangerous, dirty, and repetitive tasks.

Collision Detection

Two independent subsystems detect collisions: one at the RC level that calculates torques expected on all joints and one at the joint level with a control loop that controls position using torque. If the torque by the control loop differs from the static torque more than a threshold, the cobot goes to an emergency stop, and an error is shown.

Intuitive User Interface

Kassow Robots utilizes a modern tablet-based interface that includes all the benefits of the powerful Android system to help users build their applications. The UI includes a split screen concept, block-based programming, optimization for robot applications, a responsive and intuitive environment, dynamic content support, and native 3D designs.


Thanks to their modular infrastructure, integrating various peripherals, grippers, vision systems, or function extensions into the cobots is made easy. Capability bundles (Cbuns) are Kassow Robots' elementary building blocks available for specific solutions and application realization.

Benefits of 7-Axis Cobots

Data Overview

Obtain valuable insights into your manufacturing line's analytics and data with integrated software that enables enhanced monitoring of process performance and inefficiencies, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Time to Market

Gain a competitive advantage in any industry with cobot solutions that enable quicker and more efficient production processes that bring products to market faster so you stay ahead of competitors.

Minimize Cost

Cobots are perfect for tedious tasks such as handling, packaging, picking and placing, and palletizing as they can perform a wide range of tasks while running 24/7. Implementing robotic automation technology increases efficiency, reduces errors and waste, and minimizes labor costs.

Safer Workspace

Cobots enhance safety in the workspace by taking over hazardous tasks, which may include toxic chemicals, sharp objects, or extreme temperatures, for human workers, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Quality Assurance

Cobots help provide consistent quality for manufacturing processes to ensure that the final product meets quality control standards. The precision and accuracy of the 7-axis cobot arm reduce the risk of errors and defects that can lead to product failure, streamlining quality assurance processes.

Cobot KR Series


The KR810 cobot offers an impressive combination of high payload, reach, and speed.

  • 850 mm reach in all directions
  • 10 kg payload
  • 23.5 kg weight
  • 225 deg/sec joint speed
  • 130x130 mm dimensions


The KR1018 is a compact powerhouse for particularly heavy loads.

  • 1000 mm reach in all directions
  • 18 kg payload
  • 34 kg weight
  • 170/225 deg/sec joint speed
  • 160x160 mm dimensions


The KR1205 is a multi-tool with a large reach and a small footprint.

  • 1200 mm reach in all directions
  • 5 kg payload
  • 25 kg weight
  • 225 deg/sec joint speed
  • 130x130 dimensions


The KR1410 is a flexible all-rounder with a large reach.

  • 1400 mm reach in all directions
  • 10 kg payload
  • 38 kg weight
  • 170/225 deg/sec joint speed
  • 160x160 dimensions


The KR1805 is the elegant cobot king of reach.

  • 1800 mm reach in all directions
  • 5 kg payload
  • 38 kg weight
  • 170/225 deg/sec joint speed
  • 160x160 dimensions


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