Bosch Rexroth electric and planetary gear drives are efficient propulsion solutions for hydraulic and electric mobile and off-highway equipment. These planetary gear drives are available as propel, swing, or winch drives. They are best suited for mobile hydrostatic applications, such as propelling drives in tracked vehicles, wheel drives in wheeled vehicles, swing drives for rotary motion, and winch drives for heavy lifting and lowering.

HYDROTRAC GFT Planetary Gear Drive

The Bosch Rexroth HYDROTRAC GFT is perfect for transmission units in high-mileage mobile vehicles, such as bulldozers, agricultural sprayers, heavy-duty vehicles, paves, and rollers. This mechanical planetary gear drive transforms the torque generated by the hydrostatic motor for the wheels and tracks. It features a compact shape, a large selection of gear ratios and drive torques, and a rugged design for long service life.

The perfectly matching gearbox-to-hydraulic motor ratio results in the HYDROTRAC GFT's space-saving design. It combines two three-stage planetary gear drives with a bent axis design axial piston motor to create a compact transmission unit. This Bosch Rexroth planetary gear drive is available off the shelf with a short delivery period.

HYDROTAC GFT Series 8000 planetary gear drive

Bosch Rexroth HYDROTACT GFT Series 8000 gear drive

  • Space-saving design
  • Easy & fast configuration
  • Wide selection of rated sizes, output torques, & transmission ratios
  • Mechanical disconnect for towing purposes
  • Optional maintenance-free dynamic brake
  • Twelve sizes/models available

MOBILEX GFB Planetary Gear Drive

The Bosch Rexroth MOBILEX GFB consists of two three-stage planetary gear drives with an integrated multi-disk parking brake, output pinion, and a hydraulic motor. It can easily attach to Rexroth fixed and variable motors as a space-saving plug-in design. The MOBILEX GFB is best-suitable for excavators and cranes of all types, such as ship unloading and forestry equipment. It's also used in machines where accurate positioning is necessary.


MOBILEX GFB Planetary Gear Application

Swing Drives MOBILEX GFB v1

Swing Drives MOBILEX GFB Planetary Gear Drive

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Easy mounting & oil change
  • Integrated multiplate parking device
  • Low noise operation & high efficiency
  • Long service life
  • 5,400 Nm to 54,000 Nm

ROTATRAC Electric Gear Drive

The Bosch Rexroth planetary gear drive ROTATRAC eGFZ9115 is a one-speed spur-gear electric drive for mobile vehicles, such as sweepers, multi-function vehicles, airport vehicles, and other municipal vehicles. It offers a significant reduction in operating costs and an increase in productivity and performance. This electric gear drive significantly reduces exhaust and noise emissions, increasing efficiency. It's ideal for both single- and dual-axis drive concepts.

The ROTATRAC electric gear drive has standard integrated sensor technology with optional connections for speed measurement and CAN Bus communication. It's optimized for mounting various electric motors, specifically high-speed, high-efficiency, and compact excited synchronous motors. Multiple versions of the ROTATRAC are available, and the output drive is available in a U, S, and Z shape.

Electric Gear Drive eGFZ9115 Series 10 application

Bosch Rexroth eGFZ9115 Series 10 electric gear drive

  • High power density for off-highway vehicles
  • Developed for high-speed electric motors
  • Up to 98% efficiency while reducing noise emissions
  • Plug-and-drive system
  • Integrated cooling circuit for the electric drive
  • Compact design for limited installation space


The Bosch Rexroth MOBILEX GFW is a planetary gear winch drive for challenging mobile and stationary applications. This gear drive is flexible and suitable for drilling rigs, crawler cranes, shipyard cranes, and container cranes. The MOBILEX GFW is sensitive to moving and positioning heavy loads to maximize productivity and create a high safety level for machine operators.

The technical data in each MOBILEX GFW is explicitly designed to meet customer requirements to create the best machine performance. Technical specs may change crane positioning sensitivity and cable speed. Additionally, the excellent rotational characteristics are outstanding for sensitive moving and positioning heavy loads. The GFW winch planetary gear drive features case-hardened gear wheels and tempered surface-hardened ring gears to preserve gear unit service life under harsh operating conditions.

Rexroth Winch Planetary Gear Drive MOBILEX GFW 5000 Application Shot


  • Compact design for small installation places
  • High resistance, robustness, & durability
  • High level of efficiency
  • Great rotational characteristics
  • Easy & fast configuration: 7,500 Nm - 105,000 Nm
  • Easy to install & requires little maintenance
  • Wide range of nominal sizes & gear ratios
  • Eight sizes/models available


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