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Morrell Group and Bosch Rexroth have partnered to offer a premier line of tightening products for every application. With Bosch Rexroth patented digital transducer technology, we can provide one of the most accurate, reliable, and robust systems in the industry. Bosch Rexroth's commitment to manufacturing standards allows us to offer the best warranty, even at the full load capability of the tool. We offer a complete line of custom tightening solutions, which include torque reaction, gantries, worker guidance, data collection software, an extensive line of accessories, and more.

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TASS Verification System

The Torque Angle Slip Standard (TASS) by Bosch Rexroth tests your tightening tools to ensure they meet safety-critical standards. The TASS element attaches to your tightening tool and processes results in a characteristic curve. This data is then compared with the nominal characteristic curve of the mechanical element; this comparison allows the TASS to detect possible deviations.

TASS Structure

  • The TASS element is clamped in the test device in a form- or force-fit manner.
  • The torsion shaft in the body acts as a dimensional standard with a defined torque/rotation angle curve.
  • Every TASS element comes with certified documents that prove its measuring points, rotation angle, and linearity deviation.
  • Five TASS sizes cover torque ranges from 1Nm to 600Nm

Test Arrangement

  • The tightening system stays in the production environment during the test.
  • The nutrunner performs a fitting with a certain rotation angle and low tightening velocity.
  • The tool records the process data as it does with a regular tightening case.
  • The TASS element compares the data to the nominal curve to determine if the measurement of the tightening system is OK.