Ergonomic Solutions, Custom Designs, & Startup Support

Ergonomic solutions are available for lift assist and torque reaction requirements. These solutions include torque tubes, torque arms, suspensions, balancers, carbo-arms, and gantry systems. These solutions can be designed to be used in single tool or multi-tool applications upon request. These solutions can be designed for any angle and linear motion requirement.






Morrell Group in partnership with Stegner Controls offers custom designs for all your tightening requirements. Our teams are ready and available to meet on request for application review.

  • Wheel-multi designs
  • Powerheads
  • Custom outputs
  • Feed Grippers

Custom demands for project management and field services have become a major priority. With ever decreasing technical resources, we can design our services to meet individual project demands of the industry.

  • Project management
  • Startup integration
  • Service & support

The Morrell Group employs the electrical and mechanical engineering teams to meet the high demand required of the joining and tightening industry.  Morrell Group can supply concept to complete including on site management and startup personnel for every application.

For more technical information on Rexroth's Ergonomic Solutions, visit Rexroth's online resources here.

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