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Bosch Heavy Duty & Service Air Tools

Morrell Group offers a large selection of pneumatic tools for industrial service requirements. Bosch Rexroth heavy-duty and service air tools are robust and cost-effective alternatives for many applications. The service air tools provide top performance, an outstanding price-to-performance ratio, and excellent ergonomics. These flexible and high-performing tools are ideal for plant maintenance, service industries, and production line applications.

Bosch Random Orbit Sander

Orbit Sanders

  • Speed-controlled air motor
  • Dust-protected, riveted double cage bearing offers exceptional lifetime
  • Work with minimal vibrations thanks to the balanced cam
  • Ergonomic, cold-insulating plastic coating

Bosch Ratchet Wrench

Ratchet Wrenches

  • Continuously variable torque setting
  • Equipped with R/L switching
  • Low weight offers optimum convenience
  • Adjustable torque via operating pressure

Bosch Impact Wrench

Impact Wrenches

  • Coated handle ensures a soft, comfortable grip
  • Switch for 3 torque stages & direction in rear of housing
  • Lightweight magnesium housing reduces total tool weight
  • Allen screw for easy change and refill of oil

Bosch Jigsaw


  • Patented "click" Blade lock system
  • External silencer
  • Narrow housing provides comfortable grip
  • Impact and abrasion-resistant polyamide housing

Bosch Chisel Hammer

Chisel Hammers

  • Accepts both round and hex shank bits
  • Set contains: chipping hammer, pipe cutting chisel, metal cutting chisel, flat chisel (3/4" wide), metal case

Bosch Angle Grinder

Angle Grinders

  • External silencer
  • Narrow housing provides comfortable grip
  • Removable handle
  • Available with locking or deadman switch

Technology that Sets Standards

Bosch Rexroth Air Tools

Bosch service air tools ensure efficiency with their versatility and reliability.

  • No sparks form in the air motor, making the tools particularly suitable for work in damp and wet environments
  • High level of operational safety because the drive medium (air) is safe
  • Stress-free maintenance and repair
  • No burn-out or overheating of the motor
  • Robust design built for long lifetime

Bosch provides a 10-year guarantee for all spare parts for years of customer maintenance concerns.


For more technical information on Bosch's Heavy Duty and Service Air Tools, visit Bosch's online resources here.

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