Morrell Group offers a comprehensive line of Bosch battery tools, as well as corded inline handheld assembly tools. Bosch patented clutch technology provides one of the most reliable and repeatable clutch torque tools on the market. The unique ability to program a variable rundown program allows the user to customize the process for each application.


The Bosch EXACT ION cordless shut-off screwdrivers are more efficient and powerful than before with lithium-ion battery technology. They provide maximum power for jobs requiring high torque and speed. The EXACT ION family enables the highest repeatability, resulting in high quality and consistency in operation. The tools have superior lifetime and minimal energy loss, improving your bottom line. The EXACT series optimizes processes and enables you to build better products while reducing costs.


EXACT Features

  • Bright LED light to illuminate a workspace

  • Colored marking rings to identify tools easily

  • Right-hand/left-hand rotation change with one hand

  • Repeat protection

  • Low weight, balanced weight distribution for improved ergonomics

  • Industrial battery design for improved lifetime


  • Torque setting allowed with a special tool, avoiding accidental changes

  • Highest repeatability thanks to Bosch clutch design

  • Easy service with plug connectors and common components

  • Bosch EC motor: brushless motor technology

  • Visual and audible signals for battery status and screwdriving quality

  • Cordless quality control with Bosch Bluetooth wireless system

Bosch Battery Tool EXACT IONBosch Battery Tool EXACT ION

EXACT ION Screwdriver

  • Capable of multi-step tightening processes
  • Program speed and direction by time, angle and torque
  • Improved worker ergonomics
  • Better joint quality
  • Reduced assembly times

Bosch Battery Tool EXACT ION Angle

EXACT ION Right Angle

  • Improved process reliability with multi-step tightening process - 7 adjustable steps via USB interface
  • Increased efficiency thanks to higher speed and BOSCH EC motor technology
  • Reduced weight and new slim grip design

Lithium Ion Technology

Bosch offers lithium-ion battery technology that deliveries maximum power for higher torque and speeds with longer battery life. Flexible options for the angle head configuration. 360-degree output positioning to meet ergonomics concerns.

  • Angle head tool range 2 - 60 Nm with speeds to 1100 RPM

  • Pistol grip to range .6 – 12 Nm with speeds to 1100 RPM

  • EXACT corded to 3.5 Nm push to start and lever-activated, up to 3 tools on a single power supply


C-EXACT tools from Bosch are cost-effective tools with innovative features. The brushless DC electric motor sustains low-voltage operation for efficient manufacturing. They are built with rugged polyamide housing and are ElectroStatic Discharge compliant, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Bosch Battery Tool C-EXACT Lever

Bosch Battery Tool C-EXACT Push Start

C-EXACT Screwdrivers

  • One-handed forward and reverse
  • Brushless DC electric motor
  • ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) compliant
  • Available as a lever (top photo) or push start (bottom photo)
  • High shut-off accuracy with very low tolerance
  • Optic and acoustic signals for shut off
  • Completes 1 million cycle tests –ensures quality

PUC-EXACT Power Supply

  • Provides clean, quiet energy to C-EXACT brushless DC motor
  • Efficient low-voltage electricity – lowers operating costs
  • Indicators for power and overload
  • Available in triple connector
  • Built-in thermostatically controlled cooling fan
  • Comes with a 3-meter long power cable

Machine capability index > 1.67 @+/- 10% according to ISO 5393. Machine capability testing according to VDI 2647

For more technical information on Bosch Battery Tools, visit Bosch's online catalog here.

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