When we think of the mobile industry, we usually imagine an agricultural machine or construction equipment. Although these applications play a significant role, they're not the only machines we rely on every day. This episode of Evolution in Controls is all about the work truck, a versatile piece of mobile equipment that's always around us. Joining host Tim Wilson are special guests Kevin Kegarise, Vice President of Mobile Sales at Morrell Group, and Brad Bardall, Regional Vice President of Mobile Sales at Bosch Rexroth.

A work truck starts simply as a cab, engine, and any commercially available chassis. Various superstructures on this chassis can be created to perform a specific job. The superstructure can feature a crane, bucket, dumpster, or other service equipment. Like other mobile equipment, work trucks must adhere to regulations and ordinances, especially in urban areas where noise may be a concern. For this reason, space and weight claims on work truck chassis and superstructures are a high priority for manufacturers and, consequently, Morrell and Rexroth.

Space claim is different on every work truck, explains Kevin. Deciding where to place what equipment and system, such as the PTO and hydraulic components, is an ever-growing challenge for manufacturers. According to Brad, the architecture of the systems on the chassis or superstructure affects the space and weight claims the most, so equipment and components must be as compact as possible - this is where Rexroth comes in. Brad explains how Rexroth designs specific components to optimize space claim on work trucks; these space-saving components allow work truck manufacturers and fleet owners to add more practical equipment to the truck without surpassing the weight limit.

Space and weight claims aren't the only challenges of integrating superstructures on a work truck chassis. The equipment must integrate into the chassis or superstructure electronics to perform its functions. With electronic controls becoming more prevalent in the mobile industry, every work truck faces the challenge of properly integrating electronics. Morrell Group and Bosch Rexroth are perfectly positioned to aid in integrating electronics into work trucks with decades of mobile industry experience and today's leading technology.

Visit https://morrell-group.com/ to learn more about Morrell Group's comprehensive solutions for work trucks. To learn more about Bosch Rexroth and its experience in the mobile industry, visit https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/us/transforming-mobile-machines/.

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