“Motioneer” Unveiled at Morrell Group Headquarters


What began as road talk became reality today when Morrell Group unveiled its "Motioneer" department in a ceremony at its Auburn Hills facility.

The Motioneer itself, a six-foot-tall figure clad in space-age armor and with "body parts" made from various motion control components, represents the focus of a new department formed at Morrell Group. The members of the department will be called "Motioneers" and will offer clients fresh perspectives on the designs of new and integrated industrial and mobile systems. Each Motioneer will be qualified to provide application solutions for hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical, motion controls, mobile, joining, and sensing technology. They will consult with clients in a new work area comprised of several high-tech meeting spaces that facilitate free thinking and encourage collaboration. Such interpersonal communication and problem-solving will streamline the entire process of finding advanced motion control solutions.

"On a drive back from a meeting, our Director of Sales, Brian Draus, and I started kicking around ideas about how we could help our clients simplify the motion control development process," says Mark Majewski, Morrell Group's Executive Vice President. "When we thought of the Motioneer, we knew we had hit on something unique."

At the unveiling, employees and vendors learned how Motioneers would modernize the motion control ideation process. "We'll be able to offer custom-designed solutions or help integrate essential upgrades to existing systems," says Mark Garrett, Morrell Group’s President. "We want clients to have the luxury of coming in and saying, 'This is what I'm thinking' and being able to explore concepts, solve unique challenges, and devise the most effective solution for each specific need."

Throughout its 43-year history, Morrell Group has continually pushed itself to the forward edge of development in the world of advanced motion control solutions for industrial and mobile applications. Out of this evolution, it has learned its clients have evolved, too. These days they need more than a distributor. They need a partner who has a deep understanding of their applications, industries, and businesses.

Photos of the New Collaborative Workspace

Motioneer Workspace in Morrell Group Headquarters

Motioneer Collaborative Workspace in Morrell Group Headquarters

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