Innovative Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution for EV Manufacturing

Best-in-class DC voltage with a modular, future-proof design

Auburn Hills, Michigan – November 17, 2020 – Morrell Group, a motion control Engineering Partner, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Distributor (ESV), has developed a new Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution to serve the growing electric vehicle industry. As the demand for electric vehicles increases, manufacturers need an efficient and reliable production process. Morrell Group's Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution is a compact, modular, and future-proof solution for end-of-line testing built with industry-leading components from Bosch Rexroth. 

Anthony Little, Drives and Controls Product Manager for Morrell Group, explained, "As we move toward electrification of Electric Vehicles and off-road equipment, I believe the Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution from Morrell Group will suit our customers well. Super clean voltage and current control modes coupled with an expandable and future-proof design are critical factors to keeping up with the quickly changing battery and inverter technologies that we know are coming."

The Testing Solution is built on a modular platform with open core engineering, allowing communication to any testing equipment. It also provides cost savings with its ability to supply multiple battery cyclers, simulators, and motor inverters, which reduces the number of spare parts and overall power required.

This turnkey solution includes the smallest high power drive package on the market; supporting power supply needs up to 4 MW. The intelligently designed products from Bosch Rexroth are naturally smaller. Users can further decrease their machine footprint and save valuable manufacturing floor space by selecting innovative air or liquid cooling options.

Bosch Rexroth considered the employee experience and work environment with efforts to minimize machine noise. The use of high-quality windings contributes to reduced electrical noise, while the panel's compact and thoughtful layout also reduces electro-mechanical noise.

Morrell Group's experienced product managers are available for consultations with customers to discuss how the Battery Cycling DC Testing Solution can seamlessly integrate into testing equipment.

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