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Preventative maintenance and condition monitoring is critical to maximizing equipment uptime. Morrell Group utilizes HYDAC’s leading technology in a variety of customer applications to maintain fluid and component cleanliness. From mobile filtration carts to replacement filter elements, we can meet all of your fluid maintenance requirements.

Particle Counters

Particle counters are always a smart item to have on a factory floor. HYDAC particle counters detect contamination and water in oil. Morrell Group has portable and permanent mount options available to suit your applications needs.

FCU 1000

The FCU 1000 from HYDAC is a portable service unit used for the temporary measurement of particulate contamination, water saturation and fluid temperature in hydraulic systems. The FCU 1000 has an integrated pump and hoses, making it ideal for mobile and maintenance applications including control circuits, pressure circuits and depressurized containers. The FCU 1000 has internal memory, which stores valuable measurement data including ISO, SAE/NAS and % saturation and temperature in °C or °F, with a timestamp. The data is easily accessible on any computer through Excel or in HYDAC’s FluidMontioring software, FluMoS.

HYDAC FCU Portable Service Unit

  • For use with hydraulic oils up to 350 mm2/s (hydraulic oils up to ISO VG 68)
  • For short-term operation (S4, in accordance with DIN EN 60034/VDE 0530)


HYDAC’s CS1000 Contamination Sensor series is a stationary particle counter. The CS1000 is for the permanent and continuous recording of solid particle contamination in fluids. The small and robust stationary fluid sensor was developed using quality materials and proven technology. Measurement outputs can be selected in accordance with either ISO, SAE or NAS standards. The innovative FREEZE function on the clear display shows the last 20 measured values. Critical machine conditions are quickly identified in the early stages, preventing catastrophic failures.

HYDAC CS1000 Contamination Sensor

  • Operating pressure: max. 300 bar
  • Viscosity range: 1 ... 1000 mm²/s
  • Media temperature range 0 ... +85°C, +32 ... +185°F
  • Measurement flow rate: 30 ... 300 ml/min

Offline Filter Units

Filter carts are also used to keep oil clean. Filter carts have several uses, including, circulating oil in a reservoir to meet a particular ISO code, transferring oil from a tote or drum and to remove water in an offline unit.

OFCD Series

The OFCD Series from HYDAC is a portable, compact filtration cart. The OFCD Series is engineered with high efficiency and capacity elements to quickly remove contamination and water from oil. This system is ideal for cleaning existing systems or prefiltering new fluids. The OFCD has a modular base, eliminating hoses and fittings between components, and an integrated drip pan.

HYDAC OFCD Offline Filter Cart

  • 10-foot hose and extension tubes included
  • 27” Housing Standard

FAM Series

The FluidAqua Mobil (FAM) series is a vacuum filtration cart. FAM uses HYDAC bypass filter technology to separate free and dissolved water as well as dissolved gasses from fluids. Less contamination results is greater machine availability and a reduction in life cycle costs. All FAM units have an integrated AquaSensor AS 1000 to control the unit and monitor water content. A Siemens S7 PLC with an integrated touch control panel provides a simple and reliable operating experience.

HYDAC FAM Fluid Condition Monitoring

  • Optional CS1000 contamination sensor
  • Optional heater to increase dewatering capacity

MAFH Series

HYDAC’s MAFH mobile dehydration station uses a new mass transfer dewatering technology to eliminate 100% of the free and up to 90% of he dissolved water from small reservoirs, barrels and gear boxes. The MAFH efficiently removes water and particle contamination in all environments. Users can expect to see a reduction in fluid recycling costs with regular use. The MAFH is extremely portable using a central lifting point or an option cart for tight spaces.


  • High dewatering rates and particulate removal in one system
  • Simple Controls: RUN/DRAIN modes

Handheld Measuring Instruments

HYDAC offers several handheld measuring instruments providing the ultimate convenience in fluid monitoring. Their offerings range from low-cost data recorders to powerful, touch screen instruments.

HMG 4000

The HMG 4000 is a portable measuring and data logging device for all values measured in relation to hydraulic systems including pressure, temperature, flow rate and position. The HMG 4000 has an easy-to-operate interface and 5.7” touchscreen to easily access all of the available functions and settings. It can quickly record the signals of up to 38 sensors at once. The HMG 4000 records the dynamic processes of a machine and transfers them into a graph in real time in various measurement modes.

HYDAC HMG4000 Handheld Measuring Instrument

  • Capable of recording up to 38 sensors at once, 8 analog, 2 digital sensors and 28 HSCI sensors via CAN bus
  • High-speed measuring rate, up to 8 sensors at 0.1 ms at a time

Component Analysis Equipment

HYDAC’s component analysis equipment provides users the opportunity to identify and eliminate any weak points in their manufacturing processes by evaluating technical cleanliness.

CTU 1000

The Contamination Test Unit (CTU) 1000 series is used to evaluate the technical cleanliness of contaminated components. Users are able to inspect the components in an isolated environment to compare its contamination levels to its documented quality standards. Type, size and quantity of contamination can be determined and verified with the CTU 1000. This results in the reduction of production-stage failures.

HYDAC CTU 1000 Contamination Test Unit

  • Customer-oriented documentation of the technical cleanliness of components
  • Mounted on casters for mobility


HYDAC Filters

Extend the lifetime and ensure the cleanliness of your oil by using HYDAC’s superior filtration technology. Whether you need pressure filters, filter elements or other accessories, HYDAC’s quality is unmatched. Their product offerings include a variety of filter construction and materials to meet your required filtration ratings. With HYDAC filter technology, you benefit from longer element service life, higher operating dependability and reduced maintenance costs.

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