Electric vehicles are rarely out of the headlines, and fast-changing technology is proving difficult for companies to keep up. In 2020, 1.8 million electric vehicles were registered, expected to triple in the next few years. So is EV Technology evolving too quickly?

In this episode of Evolution In Controls, we revisit the topic of High Voltage Testing in the EV Market. Joining Tim is Robert Camp, UTAC's Director of Strategic Development. UTAC is a global company specializing in vehicle and automotive testing and certification. Some of their services consist of electrified automotive powertrain, conventional powertrain, and all of its correlating spectrum of equipment.

With Robert here, Tim is eager to get his view on some trending questions relating to the EV Market:

  • How do you accurately, efficiently, and reliably test the components and subsystems in these vehicles?
  • How do you ensure that these vehicles will provide the reliability and life cycle we've come to expect from our vehicles?
  • As the technology continues its rapid evolution, must you continually rethink the testing methods and protocols?
  • Are we able to keep pace with the change?

UTAC is often involved directly with the manufacturers in developing the equipment. As a result of working with them first-hand, they continue to gain a lot of perspective on the EV market.

One of the most prevalent trends Robert notices is the increase in voltage on electrified systems. A couple of years ago, they had seen between 300-500 voltages, and now they're seeing nearly double in standard vehicle applications. Currently, the industry's vehicles are reaching up to 1500 volts which UTAC's testing systems are now able to support. Their efforts as a company have allowed them to keep up with the industry.

Robert notes there isn't much of a 'limit' on the amount of voltage and foresees the current range expanding. So what kind of vehicles will become electrified next? Off-Road, Off-Highway and Mobile are where Robert believes this technology is expanding. However, this brings new challenges. Power levels are massive in scale, and the transition of existing systems to newly developed electric systems has already proven difficult. Yet, from his observations, he is optimistic that off-highway technology will become electrified in the near future.

Within the next decade, a new wave of electric vehicles will emerge into the marketplace. Do you think the hesitation toward electrifying equipment is still strong in the market, and how will that affect the evolution of this technology?

Make sure to watch the full conversation above and check out more about UTAC at www.utac.com.

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