American Welding Society, Arnold Fastening, and Morrell Group Showcase Resistance Element Welding

Auburn Hills, Michigan, October 10, 2019 – The Morrell Group hosted American Welding Society, Detroit and Arnold Fastening for a technical meeting highlighting a resistance element welding process called Flexweld®. This technology, presented and demonstrated by Edward Kortes, M.S. from Arnold Fastening, joins aluminum to various conventional and high-strength-steel alloys in a single process.

This process allows manufacturers a reliable way of reducing cost, mass, and energy consumption. Flexweld®, represents a solution that utilizes the previously existing availability of resistance welders in body shops. Given the fact that resistance spot welding is well-established, well-studied, and commonplace in the industry, resistance element welding stands to be more easily integrated into contemporary manufacturing relative to other mixed material joining technologies.

After the presentation, guests enjoyed food and drinks awhile observing demonstrations of other Morrell Group solutions including Bosch Rexroth Tightening Technologies, Dopag dispensing systems, SICK Sensor Intelligence, Bosch Rexroth Linear, Emerson Aventics Pneumatic systems, and more.

Thank you to the American Welding Society and Arnold Fastening for helping to create a memorable evening.