Morrell Group Receives Gold Supplier Award

Morrell Group was recently invited to E.D. Etnyre’s Inaugural Key Supplier Summit on December 18th where we received the Gold Supplier Award. E.D. Etnyre has been a proud partner of Morrell Group for several years and we are honored to receive their award. Etnyre determined award recipients based on cost mitigation, on-time delivery and collaboration.

Etnyre’s director of supply chain management, Todd Wood, said: “Morrell is the example of collaboration that Etnyre is looking for in its suppliers.” Thank you to everyone at E.D. Etnyre for their continued partnership. We look forward to continuing our success together.

Group photo from E.D. Etnyre Key Supplier Summit on December 18, 2019
Pictured left to right: Todd Wood, Director of Supply Chain and Aftermarket (E.D. Etnyre), Bill Sollie, Mobile Sales (Morrell Group), Steve Car, Senior VP of Supply Chain (E.D. Etnyre), Kevin Kegarise, Director of Mobile Sales (Morrell Group), Ron Boyden, Purchasing (E.D. Etnyre)