Powerful, Efficient Motion Control with Rexroth’s IndraDrive ML

Rexroth IndraDrive ML

Today, machine users are challenged by maintaining their bottom line while meeting increased productivity and availability demands. They need machines and drive technology they can count on for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The IndraDrive ML from Rexroth is a powerful drive solution that is capable of generating up to 500 kW. The IndraDrive ML is ideal for multi-axis applications, as it is capable of connecting to 8 units in parallel to reach outputs as high as 4 MW.

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Your Benefit

Universal Inverter

Universal use as regenerating / feeding power supply or as a motor inverter

Less variants and overhead costs, easy handling

Parallel operation

Up to 8 power units running parallel


Reach ideal number of devices on a broad power range

Wide voltage range

2 Voltage models: 380 - 500 V and 525 - 690 V for multiple applications

Less variants and overhead cost

Numerous certifications

IndraDrive ML is CE, UL and CSA certified for industrial applications

Less variants for a wide scope of applications

High PWM frequency

Oversizing of motors or inverters is not necessary

Use of smaller motors or components

High coolant temperature

High coolant temperature of 60° C results in the efficient discharge of heat losses

Reduction in energy used for discharging heat losses

Modular filter concept

Multi-axis solutions available


Energy savings from the exchange of many axes at one DC-bus

Several concepts for energy savings

Mains regenerative power, Smart Energy Mode, DC links, intelligent energy management, Electric Buffering, Kinetic Buffering, regulation of reactive current

Efficient operations for all applications

Regulated power supply

Mains voltage independent DC-bus voltage, less harmonic distortions, mains regeneration

Optimized energy management, reduced network load, consistent machine performance regardless of mains supply, resistant to voltage fluctuations, wide voltage range for broad application use

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