SuperFlush 2020 with Automatic Back-Flushing Filters from HYDAC

RF3 back-flush filter

The HYDAC AutoFilt® series of automatic back-flushing filters are impressive in their robust design, filtration ability, and convenience for retrofitting an existing system.

Automatic Back-Flushing Filters

RF3 back-flush filter

RF4 back-flush filter

RF5 back-flush filter

RF7 back-flush filter

The AutoFilt® RF3 is built for flow rates up to 7500 m3/h. It is a ready-to-operate unit with a variable housing design. Enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring.

This compact design is suitable for flow rates up to 385 l/min. It is designed for maximum utilization of the filter area. Enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring.

The RF5, a robust automatic back-flushing filter, is suitable for flow rates up to 4200 m3/h. It includes a vertical filter inlet and provides superior operational reliability.

The RF7 has a horizontal design offering space savings. It includes a pivoting lid for easy access inside the filter and is designed for flow ratings up to 7500 m3/h.

Intelligent Filtration Technology

Filter elements are a critical component of any system and can determine its performance. HYDAC filter elements are made of the industry’s best filter materials, and they meet the high stability, durability, and cleanability standards established by the market. The AutoFilt® series are typically supplied with conical filter elements. This conical shape supports a consistent flow and results in a low pressure drop to enable the complete cleaning of the filter elements.
• Decrease in back-flush cycles
• Smaller back-flush volumes
• Decreased differential pressure

Efficiency of Conical FiltrationBackflush Filter

Efficiency of back-flushing cylindrical vs conical filter elements

SuperFlush Coating

SuperFlush is an optional non-stick coating for conical filter elements. It is recommended for filtration ratings < 200 μm.
• Reduces the adhesion of sticky particles on the element surface
• Reduces biofouling
• Increases the interval between two back-flush cycles
• Increase in efficiency


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