At this point, consumers can buy nearly anything online and have it delivered anywhere in the world. Products are at our fingertips and delivered in an instant. Is this model somehow applicable to the world of manufacturing? A world where downtime costs a fortune and lead times are uncertain? Discover how Bosch Rexroth collaborates with their nationwide distribution network to create an effortless online platform in this episode of Evolution in Controls. Tim Wilson is joined by John Humes, Director of Digital Sales for Bosch Rexroth, and Rex Wetherill, the former owner of Hydrotech and advisor for, to discuss the platform and all of its offerings. is an online platform where customers in the United States can purchase components or request service for existing parts. Anyone can sign up for an account, and users can view inventory availability for nearly every Bosch Rexroth component. Nearly 30 Bosch Rexroth distributors across the United States report their inventory into the system for real-time updates. In total, users have access to almost $100 million in stock.

With this platform, Bosch Rexroth and its distributors are positioning themselves to better serve large national customers with manufacturing footprints in multiple regions, as well as new customers that may shop with a credit card. The common goal is to serve customers better. users can search for components or enter their part, model, or serial number into the system to request a repair.

When it comes to repairs, makes the process as seamless as possible. After the user enters the part information, the system generates the proper shipping documentation to send the component to the nearest Authorized Repair Center (ARC). By utilizing an ARC, the customer can be confident the replacement parts are authentic and the original warranty will remain intact. If a customer does not have the part information or the component is more than 20 years old, they can upload photos and application information into the system to get an expert to review their case. The expert will suggest replacement components based on what is available in the market today. is a unique collaboration between Bosch Rexroth and the distributors. The platform complements the distributors' strong engineering and systems groups by introducing them to customers they may not know. This also frees up distributor resources to focus on systems. is a flexible and adaptable platform where they continue to consistently add new products and additional features. Their next objective is to add eLearning tools to assist with training processes, further supporting their components once they hit the factory floor.

Discover how customers and distributors are leveraging this exciting new platform to advance their manufacturing processes in this episode of Evolution in Controls.

Evolution in Controls

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