Direct-Wire Tethers or Radio Control? Which one is most effective in Mobile and Off-Highway Equipment? Which is most reliable? Which one is the way of the future?
The technology that exists to control a piece of off-highway equipment relies on either Radio Control or a Direct-Wire Tether. So why choose one technology over another?
As the drive towards better machine safety, machine performance, and machine capability continue, the movement remains driven by technological advancement.
But technology, more often than not, proves to be a double-edged sword. And in this instance, as machine builders and operators incorporate new technology into said machines, it's essential to remember that not all technology is the same. Not all technology speaks the same language.

  • Are there inherent drawbacks or limitations that come with the cost?
  • Can you find a partner that understands the technical benefits without ignoring the technology's weaknesses or limitations?

When the evolution of a large, expensive, and potentially dangerous piece of equipment is at play, and its equipment is relegated to new technology, the wrong choice can lead to serious consequences. This only proves more accurate when weighing the decision of opting for radio control or a direct-wire tether.

Here to provide all of the pros and cons to each is third-time guest Fritz Jaessing, the account manager at LOR Mobile Controls, Morrell Group's newest subsidiary. Based in central Michigan, LOR Mobile Controls engineers and manufactures control equipment for OEM off-highway customers. Equipment such as radio remote controls, machine start panels, wiring harnesses, and the like.

If you find yourself wanting more upon finishing this episode, be sure to check out Fritz's other appearance on Evolution in Controls: LOR Mobile Controls Creates Reliable Radio Communication for Off-Highway Equipment Manufacturers and all of the other EIC episodes. You can also learn more about LOR Mobile Controls on their website!

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