Emerson AVENTICS Series 651

AVENTICS™ Series 651 Air Preparation Units

An easy-to-install line of FRLs, the AVENTICS Series 651 offers the highest flow rates and widest temperature ratings in the industry. Available in 1/8- and 1/4-inch port sizes, these FRLs are ideal for process applications requiring highly reliable operation and robust, modern-looking equipment such as found in the automotive and tire, packaging, food and beverage industries.

  • Polycarbonate and aluminum bowls with a selection of sight gauge materials
  • Air purity class according to ISO 8573-1: 2010 (Filters & Filter/Regulators)
  • Options: low profile gauge, round gauge, digital gauge or digital pressure switch; keyed lock and tamper resistance for Regulators and Filter/Regulators

Particulate Filter

  • Large selection of filtering capacities for removing particulate and water droplets from compressed air or inert gas
  • Available elements: 5-, 25- and 40-micron

Coalescing Filter

  • Removes oil and particles down to a size of 0.01 microns
  • Coalescing filter elements include 0.3- and 0.01- microns; optional 3-micron pre-filter integrated into coalescing element, eliminates the need for a separate particulate element
  • Visual or electrical differential pressure indicators monitor filter element conditions

Diverter Block

  • Branches off primary air prep manifold to add additional products or monitoring devices

Particulate Filter/Regulator

  • High flow, wide range of adjustable output pressure
  • Available elements include 5-, 25- and 40-micron

Coalescing Filter/Regulator

  • Coalescing filter elements remove oil and sub-micron particles down to 0.01 microns
  • Need for a separate particulate filter is eliminated with the integration of the optional 3-micron pre-filter into the coalescing element


  • High flow, wide range of adjustable output pressure
  • Flows > 72 SCFM (2050 L/min)
  • Models include relieving, non-relieving and manifold regulators


  • System receives consistent, reliable lubrication
  • Condition monitoring with optional electronic liquid level indicator

Slow Start/Quick Exhaust Valves – Solenoid or Air Piloted

  • High exhaust capacity delivers quick depletion of downstream pressure
  • Inlet pressure increases gradually, full flow after 70% of maximum
  • Build includes 3/2 Quick Exhaust, 3/2 Slow-Start/Quick-Exhaust, and 2/2 Slow

Shut Off Isolation Valve

  • Lockout (front or back) on handle
  • Shut-off valve: robust design, easy-to-operate
  • Remove components safely at zero pressure (P2)

651 Series – Air Preparation Manifold Assemblies

  • Modular FRL assembly; high flow regulators and the widest-in-class selection of filtration ranges
  • Ease of assembly when building or servicing a manifold with body-to-body clamps
  • Add optional end plates to remove manifold assembly by loosening only four captive screws
  • Manifolds are available in either left-to-right or right-to-left configurations



Particulate Filter 5 Micron

1/4", 8651ABBP2JA000N, Series 651

Coalescing Filter 0.3 Micron

1/4", 8651AFDP2HA000N, Series 651



Particulate Filter/Regulator 5 Micron

1/4", 8651APBP2FA00GN, Series 651

Coalescing Filter/Regulator 0.3 Micron

1/4", 8651ACDP2FA00GN, Series 651



1/4", 8651AR002FA00G0, Series 651


shut off valve

Shut Off Isolation Valve

1/4", 8651A3M02F11100, Series 651


Quick Exhaust Valve

1/4", 8651A5S620111F1, Series 651



Diverter Block

1/4", 8651AD002TA0000, Series 651


End Plate Kit

1/4", T651AT504959001, Series 651



5 Micron Filter Element

1/4", M651AE434063001, Series 651



40 Micron Filter Element

1/4", M651AE434063003, Series 651


Low Profile Gauge

Low Profile Gauge 175 PSI NBR

1/4", M699AG438047004, Series 651



Gauge Port Assembly

1/4", M699AG440510001, Series 651


pressure range indicator kit

Pressure Range Indicator Kit

1/4", M699AG500179001, Series 651



Side Mounting Bracket Kit

1/4", P651AT503860001, Series 651



Bonnet Bracket Kit

1/4", P651AT503861001, Series 651



Wall Mounting Bracket Kit

1/4", P699AT502467001, Series 651




1/4", P651AT504958001, Series 651



1/4", M2MN, Series 651



Standard Flow Control (Valves)

1/4", 2FCRN, Series 651



Optimize Design and Performance of Pneumatic Systems Catalog

FRL series 651, 652 & 653 Catalog


Optimize Design and Performance of Pneumatic Systems Brochures

FRL Series 651, 652 & 653 Brochure


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Emerson AVENTICS Pneumatic Stocking Program

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Morrell Group’s Emerson AVENTICS Pneumatic Stocking Program offers a wide range of FRLs, including combination units available from 1/4” to 1” ports, filters, coalescing filters, and regulators with NPFT ports.

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