Emerson AVENTICS Series 651

AVENTICS™ Series 651 Air Preparation Units

An easy-to-install line of Filter, Regulator, and Lubricators (FRLs), the AVENTICS Series 651 offers the industry's highest flow rates and widest temperature ratings. Available in 1/8- and 1/4-inch port sizes, these FRLs are ideal for process applications requiring highly reliable operation and robust, modern equipment. The AVENTICS Series 651 is found in the automotive, tire, packaging, and food and beverage industries.

  • Polycarbonate and aluminum bowls with a selection of sight gauge materials
  • Air purity class according to ISO 8573-1: 2010 (Filters & Filter/Regulators)
  • Options: low profile gauge, round gauge, digital gauge, or digital pressure switch; keyed lock and tamper resistance for Regulators and Filter/Regulators

Particulate Filter

  • Large selection of filtering capacities for removing particulate and water droplets from compressed air or inert gas
  • Available elements: 5-, 25-, and 40-micron

Coalescing Filter

  • Removes oil and particles down to a size of 0.01 microns
  • Coalescing filter elements include 0.3- and 0.01- microns; optional 3-micron pre-filter integrated into coalescing element eliminates the need for a separate particulate element
  • Visual or electrical differential pressure indicators monitor filter element conditions

Diverter Block

  • Branches off from the primary air prep manifold to add additional products or monitoring devices

Particulate Filter/Regulator

  • High flow, wide range of adjustable output pressure
  • Available elements include 5-, 25-, and 40-micron

Coalescing Filter/Regulator

  • Coalescing filter elements remove oil and sub-micron particles down to 0.01 microns
  • The need for a separate particulate filter is eliminated with the integration of the optional 3-micron pre-filter into the coalescing element


  • High flow with a wide range of adjustable output pressure
  • Flows > 72 SCFM (2050 L/min)
  • Models include relieving, non-relieving, and manifold regulators


  • System receives consistent, reliable lubrication
  • Condition monitoring with optional electronic liquid level indicator

Slow Start/Quick Exhaust Valves – Solenoid or Air Piloted

  • High exhaust capacity delivers quick depletion of downstream pressure
  • Inlet pressure increases gradually with full flow after 70% of maximum
  • Build includes 3/2 Quick Exhaust, 3/2 Slow-Start/Quick-Exhaust, and 2/2 Slow

Shut Off Isolation Valve

  • Lockout (front or back) on the handle
  • Shut-off valve: robust design, easy-to-operate
  • Remove components safely at zero pressure (P2)

651 Series – Air Preparation Manifold Assemblies

  • Modular FRL assembly; high flow regulators and the widest-in-class selection of filtration ranges
  • Ease of assembly when building or servicing a manifold with body-to-body clamps
  • Add optional end plates to remove manifold assembly by loosening only four captive screws
  • Manifolds are available in either left-to-right or right-to-left configurations



Particulate Filter 5 Micron

1/4", 8651ABBP2JA000N, Series 651

Coalescing Filter 0.3 Micron

1/4", 8651AFDP2HA000N, Series 651



Particulate Filter/Regulator 5 Micron

1/4", 8651APBP2FA00GN, Series 651

Coalescing Filter/Regulator 0.3 Micron

1/4", 8651ACDP2FA00GN, Series 651



1/4", 8651AR002FA00G0, Series 651


shut off valve

Shut Off Isolation Valve

1/4", 8651A3M02F11100, Series 651


Quick Exhaust Valve

1/4", 8651A5S620111F1, Series 651



Diverter Block

1/4", 8651AD002TA0000, Series 651


End Plate Kit

1/4", T651AT504959001, Series 651



5 Micron Filter Element

1/4", M651AE434063001, Series 651



40 Micron Filter Element

1/4", M651AE434063003, Series 651


Low Profile Gauge

Low Profile Gauge 175 PSI NBR

1/4", M699AG438047004, Series 651



Gauge Port Assembly

1/4", M699AG440510001, Series 651


pressure range indicator kit

Pressure Range Indicator Kit

1/4", M699AG500179001, Series 651



Side Mounting Bracket Kit

1/4", P651AT503860001, Series 651



Bonnet Bracket Kit

1/4", P651AT503861001, Series 651



Wall Mounting Bracket Kit

1/4", P699AT502467001, Series 651




1/4", P651AT504958001, Series 651



1/4", M2MN, Series 651



Standard Flow Control (Valves)

1/4", 2FCRN, Series 651



Optimize Design and Performance of Pneumatic Systems Catalog

FRL series 651, 652 & 653 Catalog


Optimize Design and Performance of Pneumatic Systems Brochures

FRL Series 651, 652 & 653 Brochure


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Emerson AVENTICS Pneumatic Stocking Program

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Morrell Group’s Emerson AVENTICS Pneumatic Stocking Program offers a wide range of FRLs, including combination units available from 1/4” to 1” ports, filters, coalescing filters, and regulators with NPFT ports.

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