It's no secret; we have entered the Post-Pandemic Era. Some things have returned to the way they were pre-March 2020. Other things seem to have permanently changed. This is especially apparent in manufacturing technology, its industry, and the way business is gone about. The future is upon us, and Morrell Group welcomes it with open arms.

In this episode of Evolution In Controls, Tim Wilson is joined by a longtime colleague and friend of 24 years, Brian Draus, Morrell Group's Vice President of Industrial Sales. Together, the two share a discourse regarding what the manufacturing industry looks like post-pandemic. It's been over two years since the COVID-19 outbreak kicked into its peak, and the surpassing of a new threshold in history has created quite a complex aftermath. Tim aims to dig into what that aftermath is in the manufacturing industry.

In Tim's series of thought-provoking questions, Brian leads us through a distinct and thorough timeline of Morrell Group and the industry before, during, and after the global pandemic. He leaves us with his vision of the future.

Attempting to summarize the conversation here could never do it justice. However, here are some of the topics the two cover:

• The difference in communication today.
• The lasting changes Morrell has noticed.
• The creative ways Morrell Group navigated COVID-19's obstacles.
• The lasting impact of the "working from home" environment.
• What was lost in the pandemic.
• How employees have shifted their approach.
• The effect on companies' way of adopting new technology.
• The future of manufacturing technology and Morrell Group.

This insightful episode provides an informative and transparent perspective into just how adaptable our company can be when drastic changes occur that we have no control over. But even more so, just how prevalent our principal remains of keeping the customer as the utmost priority.

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