Discover how IoT revolutionizes hydraulic system maintenance programs across several industries in this episode of Evolution in Controls with Tim Wilson. Mark Garrett, President and Co-owner of Morrell Group, joins Tim for a conversation on connectivity in hydraulics. They dive into customer trends such as predictive maintenance and what solutions are available. They discuss how maintenance teams can identify issues before catastrophic failures and schedule maintenance time when it is favorable.


Fluid condition monitoring is a hot topic, but what tools do you use? Do you have options beyond routinely changing the power unit fluid? Mark and Tim answer these questions during their conversation about contaminants. They also discuss how vibration leads to wear on pumps and what products our customers use to monitor these issues.


All of these critical data points are available at your fingertips. The software can push alerts to your phone to notify you of maintenance issues and allows you to see trends in data to predict future failures and schedule maintenance in advance. We are more connected to our machines than ever before. Join Mark and Tim for the conversation.
IoT of Hydraulic Power Units

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