CAT off-highway machinery developed a problem where hydraulic motors would fail sooner than their out-of-box life expectancy. Each new motor that was replaced failed more quickly than the previous motor. This happened because the filters used in these systems were unable to filter out ferrous debris, and that debris was never removed between hydraulic motor replacements. This continuous buildup of particles was fatal to the hydraulic motor system.

Magnom Filters and Off-Highway Machinery

Magnom Super Filtration was fitted to these CAT off-highway systems to solve the hydraulic motor failure problem. Employing Magnom filters dramatically increased hydraulic motor lifespan by 375%, from 4,000 hours to 15,000+ hours. This increased lifespan also decreases downtime.

Implementing Magnom filters saved CAT $22,000 per year because replacement pumps, motors, and oils were no longer needed as frequently. After an extensive, 4 year analysis of CAT field usage data, Magnom filters proved to reduce hydraulic system repair and service expenses by up to 80%.

Magnom Super Filtration can prevent system failure and extend system life - reducing replacement costs - by filtering hazardous ferrous debris in a single pass to 4 micron.

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