Global oil giants are using Magnom Super Filtration to improve their systems and extend oil life. Liquefied natural and petroleum gases are full of microfine ferrous and ferrous oxide contaminants. These contaminants create an acid in the gas that can corrode and erode pipes and storage vessels. These harmful contaminants cause problems for end-user equipment because it can clog valves and nozzles, which results in efficiency and reliability issues.

Magnom Super FIltration and Global Oil Giants

Magnom Super Filtration solved this gas contaminant problem because it cleans and rids systems of this highly damaging debris, preventing system component failure. Magnom’s 100% efficient and non-restrictive filtration technology extends oil life because it removes hazardous contaminants. Magnom filters can easily remove microfine debris from high volume, high velocity delivery and distribution systems.

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