Magnom Super Filtration is designed with an innovative magnetic separation mechanism that guarantees a 100% efficient single pass. This is necessary for wind turbines - a common renewable energy source - since their gearboxes are typically the first components to fail due to the contaminants that transmissions produce. Many turbines are equipped with a basic sieve filter for their ferrous contaminants, but they don't fully protect and clean the system like Magnom Super Filtration.

Magnom and Renewable Energy

Basic sieve filters can't filter out microfine particles, so they're unable to save systems from hazardous ferrous debris. This means that the gear boxes fail sooner than their life expectancy. Magnom Super Filtration are able to filter 100% of contaminants in wind turbine gear boxes in a single pass. Filtering hazardous contaminants extends the life of wind turbine gearboxes, meaning this valuable renewable energy source can provide clean energy for longer.


Magnom Super Filtration is bi-directional and non-size discriminate, so it fits on every system, no matter their purpose. With no viscosity or partial discharge, Magnom Super Filtration guarantees a 100% efficient single pass. Magnom filters are a “fit and forget” product for most systems, meaning your machines won’t require as frequent maintenance, reducing costs for service and repair. Plus, Magnom filters are reusable, which limits waste produced.

Ferrous Material Impact Before and After

If a significant source of renewable energy relies on Magnom Super Filtration, then imagine how much more efficient and long-lasting your systems and machines will be using this innovative filtration product. Employ the best filtration solution today to protect and prolong the life and efficiency of your systems.

Magnom Filtration Application Shot

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