Magnom Super Filtration was the best kept secret of off-highway equipment, but now it's available for you. The Magnom centipoise range is used to protect specific critical components from damaging microfine contamination circulating freely in your systems.

Magnom Fitlers JCB

Magnom filters are 100% efficient, single pass to 4 micron filters that protect critical components from microfine contamination. And, it protects you from high warranty claims for hydraulic valves, pump failures, and component damage.

Magnom Super Filtration is perfect for valve, cylinder, actuator, motor, and system component protection. It endures high pressure up to 6000psi / 414 BAR and has bi-directional filtration, making it an easy “fit and forget” on almost all equipment. It is also non-restrictive, so there is no pressure drop even when full of contamination.

With normal pumps, contaminants are ingested from the reservoir and distributed throughout the whole system, wearing down the equipment. With Magnom Super Filtration PumpMate products, these harmful contaminants won’t be distributed throughout your equipment.

Awarded the A-B by Bosch Rexroth, only Magnom's next generation filtration technology has been extensively tested and approved by the world’s largest hydraulic companies and global OEMs.

Magnom Super Filtration

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