The pursuit of efficiency is both relentless and rewarding as engineers study, design, and redesign components, systems, and applications to meet ever-changing standards. Every component designed has the potential to revolutionize the machine we rely on every day. While improving machine efficiency can be a significant challenge, the solution often lies in a small component. This is true for hydraulic systems, as seen with HYDAC's valve and manifold solutions for skid steer attachments.

Special guests Craig Boezwinkle, product manager at HYDAC, and Chris Carlson, technical sales representative at Morrell Group, both work closely with skid steer attachment OEMs and have experience creating and designing the best hydraulic solutions for skid steer attachments. These attachments come in many different forms, from forks and spears that don't require any movement to stump grinders, mulchers, and cold planers, which require hydraulics to power them. Most skid steer attachments on the market today feature moving parts, meaning OEMs are searching for the most efficient and effective hydraulic solutions.

The most efficient solutions, agreed upon by both Craig and Chris, are HYDAC's range of valves and valve manifolds. Due to the size of skid steer attachments and the flow requirements for major functions and auxiliary functions, it is essential to find the best-fit valve for these requirements to maximize space. For example, HYDAC's size 6 valve is designed for low-flow auxiliary functions that require a gallon flow of 1, 2, or 3. The size 6 valve makes for a compact manifold, reducing the material needed for the manifold and machine requirements. This compact packaging opens up many opportunities in skid steer attachments.

Morrell Group and HYDAC work closely with skid steer attachment OEMs to learn their machine, challenges, and end goals to develop the most efficient hydraulic system solution. They work with customers from the beginning of the design process to the testing and validation period to ensure the provided solution is the best it can be.

Learn more about HYDAC's valve product line for skid steer attachments by visiting To learn more about how Morrell Group can support your skid steer attachment manufacturing, visit

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