Welcome to another episode of Evolution in Controls, where today's focus is equipment lubrication, both mobile and industrial. We're sure many of you are familiar with the old saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." We're guilty of using it from time to time. However, we work in engineering, and that saying often isn't just a metaphor for us.

Joining Tim is a fellow Morrell Group colleague, Kyle Lorch, Morrell's Mobile Market Manager, and Paul Treml, North America Director of Sales for Graco Lubrication. The trio together explores the problem of when the 'squeak' actually comes from a wheel. 

Despite seeming simple, the technology behind modern-day lubrication is quite complex, especially when it comes to mobile and industrial equipment. For example, the mobile industry presents an unusual set of operating conditions:

• Contamination
• Vibration
• High-Noise Levels
• No Fixed Location (equipment must carry everything it requires)

When considering these conditions and given the environment, an audible indication of impending failure is often at risk of going unheard. So how do we avoid this?

Paul Treml provides some perspective with his 15 years of experience at Graco Lubrication, a company with a foundation built on Mobile Lubrication. Founded in 1926, Graco began when two brothers in Minneapolis, MN, actively sought a better way to grease the automobile. This endeavor ended with their invention of an automatic air-powered grease gun.

Nearing the centennial mark of its founding, Graco continues to lubricate equipment for customers, helping them work more efficiently and increasing their lifespan.

With Graco's prowess and expertise, Paul brings an invaluable perspective to the table. And with Kyle's experience in the Mobile Market, the result is a can't-miss conversation on modern-day lubrication, all its complexities, and the future of lubrication technology.

If you'd like to learn more about Graco Lubrication, check out their website at www.graco.com.

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