In June of 2023, Morrell Group joined forces with Womack Machine Supply to form Womack Group. Morrell and Womack have been sister companies for decades and have often worked together as both companies grew, learned, and expanded. It was no surprise that Morrell and Womack aligned so well that they made the momentous decision to come together. But this decision may have left people wondering, "Who is Womack?" and "What does the future look like for Morrell and Womack?"

These questions and more are answered in this episode of Evolution in Controls by Matt Oldroyd, who was CEO of Womack Machine Supply for six years and is now the CEO of Womack Group. Womack was founded in 1953 - celebrating its 70th birthday this year - and has specialized in fluid power since its beginning. In fact, Womack's history and expertise in fluid power and hydraulics have led Womack leaders to create several textbooks that have been used in training classes and higher education for decades.

Headquartered in Dallas, Womack covered 19 states in the western part of the U.S., but now combined with Morrell's territories, Womack Group spans 27 states across the country, with one location in Windsor, Canada. Morrell and Womack's territories align well, as do their culture and values in the workplace and with supporting customers and vendor partners. Together, Morrell and Womack have centuries of combined experience, allowing them to provide better and more comprehensive engineering, design, and manufacturing support and solutions than ever before.

The future for Morrell and Womack as Womack Group holds endless possibilities and opportunities for the companies, customers, and vendor partners. As the two companies integrate and processes are streamlined, leaders from each company are partnering together to bring the best of both companies to customers. The combined expertise and experience allow the companies to provide the best support and solutions possible to customers.

As both mobile/off-highway and industrial sectors experience the shift to electrification and autonomous equipment, the two companies are growing right alongside the industries together, pooling their expertise, knowledge, experience, and resources to become the largest and most successful fluid power and motion control partner in the industry.

To learn more about how Morrell and Womack joined forces to become Womack Group, check out the press release "Morrell Group Joins Womack Machine Supply to Expand Reach and Capabilities."

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