As 2023 comes to a close, so does season 2 of Evolution in Controls. Although shorter than the first, this season provided a comprehensive deep dive into pivotal topics that are shaping our industry today. Tim and his special guests delved into the world of aluminum extrusion to analyze its hundreds of uses and explored Morrell's innovative engineered linear modules, a new technology that creates linear motion solutions not possible before.

Season 2's episodes also focused on the rapidly evolving realm of electronic controls in mobile machinery, a field flush with potential and innovation. We took our exploration of mobile machinery even further by zooming in on work trucks and concrete machinery to dissect and understand the evolving technology used in these applications. Then, the season concluded with Matt Oldroyd, CEO of Womack Group, who sat with Tim to discuss Morrell's recent partnership with Womack.

In each episode, our esteemed guests shared their expertise with us and our viewers. Thanks to these true industry leaders, season 2 provided a richer, fuller understanding of complex and innovative technology and applications, from work trucks to linear modules.

Thank you for joining us for another season of motion control innovations. We look forward to an exciting season 3, where we'll feature episodes alongside actual applications, providing a tangible connection with the concepts and innovations discussed.

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