The need for moving heavy loads or achieving high-speed linear motion has always been a challenge, regardless of industry or application. Engineers have tirelessly attempted to develop linear movement systems that meet these demanding requirements. However, creating those systems is far from easy as they require intricate engineering and extensive development time, which may create costly mistakes. Though designing and creating these systems can be challenging, it is possible with Morrell Group.

In this episode of Evolution in Controls, Advanced Engineering Manager Tom Rinke joins host Tim Wilson to discuss the Morrell Linear Module, a pre-engineered linear movement system that is capable of heavy loads and/or high speeds. According to Tom, a linear module is a collection of products that support and guide a payload. The general elements of a linear module are typically the assembly structure, the guide system, and the assembly that pushes and pulls.

The assembly structure of a linear module could be an extrusion or a weldment. The guide system may be a ball rail, a roller rail, or any other type of linear track roller, while the push-and-pull assembly may be a belt, ball screw, acme screw, or rack and pinion. Linear movement systems differ from application to application and industry to industry. Tom explains that the requirements for a linear module are the precision of motion, repeatability, accuracy, and the assembly that guides the direction of the module.

There are a lot of details and factors that go into linear movement systems, which is why Morrell Linear Modules are pre-engineered. This means that Morrell has already done the challenging work of designing these linear movement systems for heavy loads and/or high speeds. While Morrell Linear Modules are still in their prototype phase, the goal for the future is to have customers provide all the specs and requirements of their applications and quickly receive a custom, pre-engineered linear module from Morrell Group's expert engineering teams.

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Engineered Linear Modules

Engineered Linear Modules are systems that utilize an in-house, at-the-ready engineering team prepared with tried and true linear system designs specifically for heavy loads and/or high speeds.