Morrell Defense

Morrell Defense is a Small Business Unit (SBU) structured to provide the breadth and depth of The Morrell Group’s design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, sourcing, and procurement capabilities, focusing on military vehicles.

Recent projects include components and systems for autonomous vehicles, track vehicles, wheeled vehicles, and special machinery, including:

  • automatic and semiautomatic lubrication systems;
  • cooling packages;
  • custom electrical control packages;
  • custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses;
  • pneumatic/hydraulic solutions;
  • advanced filtration systems;
  • suspension control packages;
  • space and weight reducing systems;
  • power management packages;
  • energy recovery solutions;
  • vehicle and subsystem controllers;
  • hybrid hydraulic packages; and
  • door and ramp assist solutions.

Morrell Defense.

Offering the full-service resources of The Morrell Group. Providing the technical maturity to bring critical innovations that advance military needs.


Morrell Defense track systems


Morrel defense wheeled systems


System Integration Solutions

Morrell Defense systems
Cost-effective solutions for the development of current and future military vehicles will rely heavily on system integration.
Morrell Defense offers:

Electrical design and build capabilities, including:

  • electrical control engineering;

  • custom control solutions;

  • logic de-bug;

  • logic solutions;

  • field service and support;

  • customer electrical enclosures; and

  • wiring harnesses.

Mechanical design and build services, including:

  • mechanical engineering;

  • virtual prototyping;

  • ergonomic studies;

  • testing and validation;

  • program management; and

  • preventive maintenance programs.

Subsystem Efficiency Solutions

Morrell Defense subsystem intagration
One of the biggest challenges related to properly maintaining military vehicles is the poor condition of diesel fuel and the persistent contamination of system fluids and lubricants.  Morrell Defense offers:

Diesel fuel filter expertise in:

  • TUV Certification;

  • robust design;

  • high water efficiency;

  • easy maintenance; and

  • cost-effective approaches.

Automated lubrication systems providing:

  • increased bearing life;

  • waste prevention;

  • reduced maintenance hours;

  • reduced energy requirements; and

  • elimination of bearing contamination.

Mobile fluid contamination sensor capabilities, including:

  • particle and fluid monitoring;

  • continuous contamination recording;

  • Portable or stationary design;

  • Compact or stationary construction; and

  • Preventive and condition-based maintenance.

Line fracture valves providing:

  • elimination of uncontrolled actuator movement;

  • reduction of hydraulic oil spills due to line breaks;

  • fast action;

  • compact and robust design;

  • low implementation cost; and

  • leak prevention.

Space and Weight Reduction

Morrell Defense space and weight controls
Key to increasing transportation efficiencies and overall performance of military vehicles is the optimization of usable space and overall weight reduction.  Morrell Defense has expertise in:

Cooling systems and components for:

  • hydraulic systems;

  • radiators;

  • change air;

  • fuel systems;

  • combi-coolers

  • auxiliary coolers; and

  • transmissions.

Hydraulic power units offering:

  • design flexibility;

  • efficient functionality;

  • multiple cooling options;

  • low noise emissions;

  • variable high pressure and flow; and

  • reduced claims.

Technical Readiness

Morrell defense readiness
Morrell Defense has demonstrated Technical Readiness Levels 1 through 7 for systems and subsystems on military vehicles:

  • increasing efficiency;

  • reducing fuel consumption;

  • increasing diagnostic capabilities;

  • reducing space and weight;

  • improving energy recovery;

  • reducing noise; and

  • and optimized cooling.

Morrell Defense has further demonstrated Technical Readiness Levels 8 and 9 for systems and subsystems on military vehicles:

  • increasing performance;

  • reducing maintenance;

  • increasing safety;

  • reducing life-cycle costs;

  • increasing reliability;

  • improving cooling; and

  • reducing development time.

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