When we focus on technological advancements in the mobile industry, our attention is usually drawn to major transformations, like the electrification of mobile equipment. A major transformation, though, is just the accumulation of less visible, but still significant, minor developments. Optimizing a component of an existing system can be a change that leads the way in the process of fundamental change. Does that mean something like the classic mobile hydraulic system can still be optimized? How can we drive performance improvements without integrating new technology? How can standard hydraulic system components be modified to streamline integration and operation?

The cooler filter tank from HYDAC is a perfect example of how classic systems can still be optimized. Kevin Kegarise, vice president of mobile sales at Morrell Group, explains how cooler filter tanks optimize hydraulic cooling systems for hydraulic fluid, engine radiators, chargers, transmission, fuel, and more in mobile machinery. All mobile equipment requires some form of cooling, whether hydraulic or engine. These necessary cooling systems include a tank for fluid, some level of filtration, and various other components such as breathers, site-level gauges, hosing, and ducting.

This expert solution puts all these components together in a custom package for a single-component system solution.

Because cooler filter tanks are designed to be a single-component solution, they're sourced under one part number, which makes procurement and installation quicker and easier. Additionally, optimizing these components into one solution can reduce weight and space claim, decrease oil volume, and improve the overall integration of the package.

Every cooler filter tank is uniquely designed for each application to optimize every benefit it provides. Extensive research, design, and engineering are required, so HYDAC and Morrell Group work collaboratively with customers to gather data and models of the application and its components that may affect how the cooler filter tanks are designed. Through computational fluid dynamics, each cooler filter tank fits the unique design of the customer's application, proper deaeration in the tank, and proper suction conditions are present in the hydraulic system.

The inside of the engine compartment on mobile machinery is ever-changing, making HYDAC's cooler filter tank a valuable resource for integrating necessary components into mobile machinery.

If you'd like to learn more about this unique, single-component solution, visit https://morrell-group.com/cooler-filter-tank-hydac/. To learn more about HYDAC, visit https://www.hydac.com/en/ or watch the Evolution in Controls episode "The History and Future of HYDAC."

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Cooler Filter Tank – HYDAC

The cooler filter tank is a unique solution that significantly improves component efficiency and reduces tank size, leakage points, and plumbing.