Episode 1 of Evolution in Controls Season 2 is a special edition with a special guest. As a motion engineering and distribution company that designs and supplies systems and products for both the industrial and mobile marketplace, Morrell Group works with many companies as partners; however, only a few are foundational to Morrell's core business. HYDAC is one of those businesses, and in this episode, we welcome one of its leaders, Matthias Mueller, president of HYDAC USA.

Matthias has been with HYDAC for 40 years, joining the team only 20 years after it was first established. According to Matthias, the name "HYDAC" is a shortened version of "hydraulic accumulators," as its market focus was once solely on components. Now, 60 years later, HYDAC has developed a broad product range focusing on complete system solutions. As a leading innovative provider of fluid power and electronic solutions, HYDAC creates and designs its solutions by asking (and then answering), "How can we integrate our products and solutions to increase performance and save costs?"

Matthias explains that to create a complete system solution that provides these benefits to customers, HYDAC hones in on the early development process, emphasizing the value it can provide to customers and end users. Another critical way HYDAC ensures its customers only get the most optimal results from its products is through its diverse engineering teams. Over the past ten years, HYDAC has developed an e-mobility team that focuses heavily on the electrification of mobile machinery. This team features programmers and hydraulic, cooler, and controls engineers. Utilizing the skills and expertise of so many engineers, HYDAC is well-equipped to provide, maintain, and sustain complete system solutions as technology continues to develop in the mobile industry.

HYDAC has come a long way since its beginning - first focusing on hydraulic accumulators, then shifting its focus to complete system solutions. With such an impressive history already, where will HYDAC go in the next 5 to 10 years? Matthias states that while HYDAC will continue leading the electrification of mobile equipment, it's actively shifting its focus to another area of research and development: green hydrogen. Renewable energy like solar, hydro, and wind power is slowly becoming more popular in efforts to increase sustainability and meet emission regulations required by state and federal governments.

From sensors to coolers to controls, HYDAC will continue to develop technical resources and products that will lead the way in electrification and green hydrogen.

Want to learn more about HYDAC's history or its passion for sustainability? Visit www.hydac.com.

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