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The life expectancy of one oil filling in a hydraulic or lubricating unit has decreased significantly over the last several years as machines run harder and longer production cycles. The life expectancy of an oiling filling depends on maintenance programs in order to avoid degradation or “varnish.” Varnish will build up at an exponential rate, resulting in hot spots and prematurely plugged components, rendering them inefficient.

HYDAC’s new Varnish Elimination Unit, VEU, removes oil-aging products from mineral oil to extend oil and component lifetime. The VEU contains an OLF45 of OLF60, which filters the oil down to 2 microns. The VEU has an option for an air-cooled unit or water-cooled unit, as the cooled oil makes the soluble varnish a solid contaminate that can be filtered out. The VEU runs offline on the hydraulic reservoir, constantly running and removing varnish. This also allows for filter element maintenance without disrupting production. This bypass method is more efficient than utilizing ion exchangers, which require complex oil analysis.

Varnish Elimination Unit Features

- Removes soil and gel-like oil aging products
- Fewer deposits in hydraulic valves result in increased operating reliability
- Improved oil service life
- Available for new and existing systems

Hydac Varnish Elimination Unit VEU

Varnish Elimination Unit Technical Specifications




Flow rate

VEU-x-10-... = 10gpm
VEU-x-15-… = 15gpm

Permissible fluid viscosity range

75 to 2000 SUS

Permitted operating fluids


Fluid Service Temperature

32 to 140°F

32 to 176°F

Maximum pump operating pressure

87 psi

Maximum ΔP across filter elements

72.5 psi

Permissible inlet pressure range

-5.8 to 7 psi

INLET port connection

VEU-x-10-… = 1-5/8 x 12UN - Male
VEU-x-15-… = 1-7/8-12UN - Male

OUTLET port connection

1-5/16 x 12UN - Male

Water INLET port connection (VEUW-…only)

1-1/2 x NPT - Male

Water OUTLET port connection (VEUW-…only)

1-1/2 x NPT - Male

Supply voltage

460V AC / 60Hz / 3 Ph.
575V AC / 60Hz / 3 Ph.

Seal material

FKM (Viton®)

Permissible ambient temperature range

32 to 104°F

Permissible storage temperature range

0 to 140°F

Permissible relative humidity

0 to 80%, non-condensing

Approximate weight (empty)

1,100 lbs.

1,150 lbs.

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Condition Monitoring and Preventative Solutions

Preventative maintenance and condition monitoring are critical to maximizing equipment uptime. Morrell Group utilizes HYDAC’s leading technology in a variety of customer applications to maintain fluid and component cleanliness. From mobile filtration carts to replacement filter elements, we can meet all of your fluid maintenance requirements.

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